View Full Version : Hello, especially those in Norway!

4/08/2012 10:54pm,
Hi all, created an account after I found this informative site.

My question is directed to anyone familiar with martial arts schools in Norway preferably close to Sola area. Atm I live in another country and find it hard to search online for schools in Norway.

I'm out of shape but have started exercising/jogging. So hopefully I won't be a complete weakling when I'm able to join a school. I'm a 5'1" female if that makes a difference in what I should focus on.

My goal is self defense. However, fitness is a great too, I'll probably be running away if I'm in a bad situation, but knowing how to defend myself is a big plus.

Basically from everything that I have read up on, these are some of the ones I was interested in:

Eskrima - Interested in its versatility fighting/defending against with/without weapons. Not just because I'm Filipino...lol.

Jujutsu or BJJ - Seems to be good for shorties like me, unless I read wrong.

Kendo and other Kenjutsu - More I guess in terms of being able to effectively use a stick/bat to keep attacker at bay. Hopefully I'm carrying one when I'm being attacked >.>;

Any info on any of these being available in Norway or similar martial arts would be great. Thanks!

Sorry for anything I typed/thought of wrongly.