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4/06/2012 11:36am,

Here's a 1980 TV spot on the Pittsburgh "Battle of the Brawlers" tournament. Boxing, kicking, throwing and grappling were all allowed in this strictly amateur contest. The fights were divided into 3x2-minute rounds and victory could be secured by KO, submission or judges' decision.

Apparently "Battle of the Brawlers" was banned after a fighter died in an (unrelated) "Tough Man" boxing match in 1981; I remember similar "all-in, all-styles" tournaments in the early 1980s.

More at http://kumiteclassic.homestead.com/godfather/home.html .

Matt Phillips
4/06/2012 12:06pm,
Here is the penultimate match of the 32 man "World Series of Martial Arts" tourney (1974) pitting Benny Urquidez against giant Dana Goodson. Rules allowed for striking, throwing, and grappling for position/pins.