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4/04/2012 12:52am,
Ever since I discovered this website in 2007, during my Freshman year, due to me looking for a art that could actually provide me with defense techniques as I was tired of "American Kenpo, One hand of death, i'm GOKU" type of McDojo scams. It was a year later that I left and joined my schools wrestling team, where I was in awe in that actual appliance of the sport. Which sucks since I transferred to a charter school with no sports. But I must say, I was dumb to wait this long to make an account. Basically all im searching for is a practical art and it's appliance, which is why I joined Bullshido.

4/04/2012 2:05am,
I thinks that your style should be listed 'wrestling' since your AK kinda sucked and you love wrestling.