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3/28/2012 1:07am,
hi i am paul.

used to belong to the old bullshido forums years ago!

what can i say, growing up was not much into sports was more into playing guitars!

later on in my adult life discovered the MMA and the martial arts as a fan and novice practitioner.

have trained in such arts as kickboxing, muay thai, combat sambo, systema, tae kwon do, yoga, and tai chi (the last 2 of which i primarily doing these days).

am still a fan of the fight game, hooked up with a muay thai promotion here in NYC a few years back and have been documenting their events for archival purpose, check 'em out they are take on productions or you can check out archived fights on youtube!

3/28/2012 6:55am,
Welcome Paul!

3/28/2012 9:00am,
Welcome Paul,

Nice to see a fellow guitar player join the BS.