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4/14/2004 9:29pm,
I am doing a report on Judo in one of my classes and got an extension so that I can get the "Combat Arts" Room to do a demo as part of the report.
One of the guys in my class starts talking to me and it turns out that a friend of his trains with the Aikido club and that the president of the club claimed he came in and tapped and beat up a bunch of our guys. Which is utter bullshit to my knowledge...
Now, it is common knowledge that the our club doesn't have much (any) respect for the campus Aikido club.
So, should I go talk to the guy that is suppose to be saying this crap....
Show up at one of thier meetings with a bunch of the guys from thier club and beat some ass.

I was about to stay up there tonight and do it but I had to pick up my girlfriend from work.

4/14/2004 9:41pm,
Aikidoka who do randori? Most curious! You should visit.

4/14/2004 9:44pm,
I wonder what he meant by "tapping?" Since aikido isn't competitive the only tapping they do is when they finish a technique. Anyway, it's always good to hear from the source, so it's probably best to ask him first.

Mr. Mantis
4/14/2004 9:49pm,
Two or three of you go down and do a diplomatic "fellowship of the martial arts" type visit to the Akido class president. Talk to him a bit to feel him out. Consider asking him if he heard the rumors, see what he thinks about them. Keep within reasonable boundries if possible.

What does this have to do with a demo room? Are you considering inviting him to be a demo dummy?

4/14/2004 9:50pm,
LOL this is like a bad version of West Side Story.

Sam Browning
4/14/2004 9:52pm,
If you want to make them look like idiots your club could send a formal challenge naming the person who made these comments and challenging them to a grappling tournment between clubs. Legal, and if they puss out it should be obvious.

4/14/2004 10:03pm,
Sam is correct. See if anyone pulls a John Perkins.

Originally posted by Te(V)plar
LOL this is like a bad version of West Side Story.

...if the entire Sharks gang had been limp-wristed lying faggots.

4/14/2004 10:13pm,
My understanding was that he was claiming that he came in and fought a bunch of people from the club and tapped them.
Which is interesting since thier instructor told them they are not suppose to train with us.
The demo thing is what led to the conversation.
Ideally, if the guy is claiming that I would love to kick the **** out of him and anyone else they train with in front of the class.
However, I am sure thier Sensei knows exactly what would happen if we fought...although, it is a campus space and he is some guy that comes in...so his real say is jack and ****.

Mr. Mantis
4/14/2004 10:17pm,
Originally posted by Te(V)plar
LOL this is like a bad version of West Side Story.

Or better yet, Chinese Super Ninjas!

4/14/2004 10:33pm,
At least make sure he said it. Y'know how these things are. . .if he didn't? No harm done. If he did? kick his *ss!


4/15/2004 12:35am,
I say approach whoever started this **** in the first place. But be careful of their chi !!

4/15/2004 12:57am,
Originally posted by Meex
At least make sure he said it. Y'know how these things are. . .if he didn't? No harm done. If he did? kick his *ss!

The problem is that if I came to him in private, even if he said it, he would probably deny it.
I mean, you have a couple of guys that you know will grind you into paste whose asses you claim to have kicked...would you admit to that?
I would rather do it in front of people that he might have said it in front of since even if he denies it, if he said it to any of them, than they know...I win.
He agrees to fight me or **** any of our group that has been training for a year....I win again.

4/15/2004 4:00am,
Two words: Vi-deo.

4/15/2004 4:11am,
Originally posted by bunyip
Two words: Vi-deo. YES!

http://www.apeculture.com/dio.jpg wait...

4/15/2004 4:57am,
that fool talkin' jibba-jabba, toss that fool to the moon!!!!!

advice courtesy of Mr T

Te No Kage!
4/15/2004 7:22am,
Greese, I wish I could come up to Spfld myself to see what the f'in problem is with these retards at the aikido club at your school. It really gives us all a bad name. It's hard to believe, with my experience, that aikidoka would act like you said they have, such as putting down judo and such. Especially to be claiming to kick anybody's ass! I was in the aikido club at SIU Carbondale and we had a great relationship with the judo guys, and at my dojo in Pensacola we actually share space and train with Judoka. It's pretty stupid for them to not realize that just about all high ranking aikidoka first started with a judo background. I say try to do some sort of "fellowship seminar", at least it's non-threatening and will get you and your fellow judoka in the door. THen when it actually happens, you can spill the beans to the whole group as far as a challenge to the person who said what he said. Since everybody will be there, he has to 1)back down and look like a *****, 2)take back what he said and admit that he can't beat anybody, or 3)accept the challenge, and you beat his ass. If anything maybe you can get some students who might actually want to learn something, since it sounds like that aikido club is absolutely useless. I'd rather somebody learn good judo than really crappy aikido.