View Full Version : Watching Fox News for the first time!

Hiro Protagonist
3/16/2012 6:06pm,

Wasn't SO bad, really.

1. The Republican frontrunner for presidency is a guy named after what people commonly refer to as "**** cum".

2. Kony 2012 is in fact NOT another presidential campaign.

3. Fatman called hippie slut. Big deal for her.

4. ZOMG, anchorwoman is a sweet Aryan goddess!


I am most pleased by this. Beer!

3/16/2012 6:55pm,
You should be careful posting pics like that Santorim said he was going to outlaw porn, and by his religion that pic would be considered too extreme. Now bow to your new god!!

Ice Hole
3/16/2012 7:28pm,
Here's all you need to know about American cable news Hiro:

Fox News bitches and whines all day about the Democrats or people who vote for them.

MSNBC bitches and whines all day about Fox News and the people who watch it.

CNN has Wolf Blitzer, whose name in German I believe means "Fanged Shadow Beast of Lightning" or something of that nature.

Instead of watching cable news: just play with this soundboard. It's far more informative.


Hiro Protagonist
3/17/2012 9:20am,
Seriously, it was interesting to see how much to the Daily Show really adds to stuff.

"Pandemic of porn", my ass.

3/17/2012 12:22pm,
As a hypocrite even I am impressed with the hypocrisy of the republican party. They bitch whine and moan about how big government is taking away their rights, then they try and ban or censor everything that isn't of "gods will". Because appareny god hates sex and video games and pretty much anything that doesn't require self torture. But one thing god apparently loves is firearms. Seriously at this point the GOP is so fucking beyond batshit crazy the only real end goal for their party is a rubber room.