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Nickel Oxide
3/10/2012 2:36am,
I just came across this on Youtube. It's kind of funny because it seems like this school is trying to get attention by mashing up Star Wars with Tai Chi.

I don't have enough posts to send a link, but you want to go to Youtube and look for video 7EOZ5vx9ubY, titled "Star Wars Tai Chi" by author maraizon. Basically Darth Vader goes through forms in front of the Imperial Army.

Afterwards there's some scrolling text talking loosely connecting Tai Chi to The Force. It was kind of interesting and silly at the same time, so I thought I'd share.

3/10/2012 3:21am,
I doubt it's serious. In the comments he mentions batman Tai Chi. It's a CG version of a Tai Chi form.
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