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3/07/2012 11:08pm,
My wife has been subjecting me to videos of Paul (Free, Bad Company) Rodgers singing with the remaining members of Queen.

She insists Paul Rodgers is a Black Belt in "Martial Arts." So, of course, I had to ask, "Oh, which one?" But she doesn't know. She tried to shift the conversation by telling me how well-preserved he is for a man of his age.

So I used "The Google." The top hits weren't much help.

Wiki.answers.com returned a page, for the question "What style of Martial Arts is Paul Rodgers a Black Belt?"
(http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_style_of_martial_arts_is_paul_rodgers_a_black _belt)

A site called Queen Archives (http://www.queenarchives.com/index.php?title=QPR_-_09-18-2008_-_The_Northern_Echo_-_Paul_Rodgers_interview) came back with "Paul Rodgers Facts" tht included the illuminating statement:

Rodgers is a keen student of martial arts and has had a black belt in one of the forms for many years.

So, now this is bugging me. Can anyone tell me, definitively, if this Rock Legend actually has a black belt and in what style(s)?

Oh, and Paul Rodgers is no Freddie.


You can't replace charisma like that. You can't.

3/07/2012 11:18pm,
This person (http://www.queenzone.com/forums/532561/paul-rodgers-vicious-streak.aspx) seems to think it was in Karate:

Not quite. PR has a black belt in Karate and he used to spar with title winning boxers in the 70's.
Also he apparently injured Mick Ralphs when they had a row in the studio and Mick temporarily quit BadCo. So even though PR is a really nice guy, you probably don't want to get up in his face.

3/08/2012 4:54pm,

Nothing more specific? I'm beginning to suspect this is a BS claim from him.

3/08/2012 6:23pm,
Not sure of its authenticity, but this is the only claim of a black belt, supposedly, to come from Mr Rodgers I could find. He actually says it's name but the interviewer is too clueless to know what he said (says it sounded like 'why don't you' - maybe Wado Ryu?):

GM: (interrupting and completely changing the subject) Arenít you a black belt, Paul?

PR: Yes, I did make that rank way back, I donít know if I can still cut it at that level, but I still try to keep fit, basically.

GM: Which kind of martial arts?

PR: (Says some Japanese word that sounds like, "Why Donít You").

GM: Uh, whatís that?

PR: Japanese. Mr Suzuki, 8 stand.

(??? óK.G.)

GM: I take Jujitsu, is it like that? Or is it more like Karate?

PR: Jujitsuís a different thing, itís the forerunner of Judo, which is now in the Olympics, but Jujitsu is the "killing art" of Judo, itís very, very lethal. The great thing I got from Karate, funny enough, was the meditation aspect and I find that it centers me and makes me see things very clearly that I perhaps was not seeing. When you do that, you can go ahead with your life with much more focus of where you are going and why.

GM (a.k.a. "Killer"): You went to a Dojo in England?

PR: Yes, I went to a number of Dojoís in England and I visited Dojoís in America while I was touring. I actually had a Karate instructor on the road with me during the Bad Company years and we would train every day, I was fit, my God! But now I do an hour an a half a day: 20 minutes aerobics on the bike, 40 minutes stretching, and a half hour with the weights, different muscle groups every day. It keeps me in pretty good stead.