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3/06/2012 8:34am,
http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/s320x320/431133_10150707473236171_532971170_11756861_135022 0957_n.jpgI'm a daddy again (how does this keep happening!?!?).

Little Cora is 6lbs 4oz. healthy and bratty.

She will be permitted to date her husband after three years of marriage, only.

Folkstyle wrestling begins at 5.

Scut Farkus
3/06/2012 8:48am,
Congrats bro!

Sam Browning
3/06/2012 8:49am,
Congratulations Andy!

It ;looks like your bride is doing well.

Need anything besides sleep?


Scut Farkus
3/06/2012 8:54am,
Is this number 2 or are there more? She'll probably be your artsy fartsy one. Number one will be the Type A, anal as hell overachiever because of the way Mom and Dad agonized over every little thing with them.

With the 2nd one, you realize they sort of raise themselves if you provide food and water and it creates a whole new character.

Sri Hanuman
3/06/2012 9:04am,
Dude, congrats. You're one closer to starting a personal army.

3/06/2012 9:06am,
I'm a daddy again (how does this keep happening!?!?).

Well, you see Billy, when a man and a woman love each other very much.....

Congrats dude. Sounds like you have a good plan for her future.

3/06/2012 9:19am,
This is number two, and the last one as well.

Both my wife and my mother are professional artists, so "artsy" is acceptable here.

Scut Farkus
3/06/2012 9:20am,
My daughter is number two and she's definitely the artsy one. My son is Unabomber anal.

Hiro Protagonist
3/06/2012 10:32am,
Congratulations, man!

Here, for the sleepless nights to come:


3/06/2012 10:51am,
Great news. I know she'll be a badass.

3/06/2012 10:53am,

3/06/2012 1:27pm,
Hooray for Scrappette!

Nutcracker, sweet
3/06/2012 1:39pm,

3/06/2012 1:56pm,
Well, you see Billy, when a man and a woman love each other very much.....
.....They lay down.... And the man gives the women $20....!

I kid, i Kid! (Seriously, I'm kidding, Scrappers arms are like my legs.....!)

Congratulations mate!

3/06/2012 3:17pm,
That's an old pic. They are bigger now...

3/06/2012 3:24pm,
[IMG] a daddy again (how does this keep happening!?!?).

Never mind that. This is how you stop it from happening. All of them. CONGRATS!http://cdn.babble.com/strollerderby/files/2011/08/family-planning-and-contraception.jpg