View Full Version : Seeking School in Albany

4/12/2004 11:46pm,
Well, its becoming highly likely that I'm going to spending at least the next year in Albany. I am trying to find schools in that area, and was hoping that somone on here knows of any.

Ideally I would want a BJJ academy... but hey, I'll take pretty much anything that someone wants to recommend.

I'm interested in both striking and grappling, though I have only really trained in grappling.

Thanks a lot,


4/13/2004 7:58am,
I assume you are talking about Albany, NY?

I beleive there is an academy affiliated with Renzo in the area. Check his website.

4/13/2004 10:04am,
Good point... I do indeed mean Albany, NY.

4/13/2004 12:06pm,
I live near Albany, there is a BJJ place around Latham I think. Clifton Park has a lot of martial arts joints. There's Adirondack and Pai's TKDs there. Also a karate dojo (I forget which style).There is a Gold's Gym there that offers Ninjitsu classes twice a week (they emphasize combat applicable stuff, so it's worth a gaze).