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11/23/2002 12:14am,
I am sorry JKDChick (Crying)

You're a very intelligent woman...IQ = 180

You have holded your own against the undefeated Troll-Jitsu Champion, for instance your defenase is SOLID...you along with Buck were the few who have fought me to such high levels in Troll-Jitsu.

Today it was another student teacher's last day...this signals the closing in of Armageddon. My EQ (Emotional Intelliegence) is about 200, everytime someone worthy moves on in life I have to say good bye. Usually I don't feel good on those days...you know like when you move to a place that you've never been to before...

Well, I was talking about my art student teacher Andrea Place when you started swearing at me, so I had to defend myself.

How about a Ceasefire?

While analyzing you s/n I found that you have JKD in your name because your a person who kind of have the same sort of beliefs as Bruce lee.
You don't believe in Mystical things...etc.
You most likely eliminate the useless and keep the useful...
(Well I can make this 50 moves deeper but I'm in the Library right now)

Well, one thing though...don't call people stupid for believing in such things, maybe they see further than you in that aspect?

I have always been interested in the supernatural...and my views of the supernatural are as solid as my Trolling skills, I'm not the average X-File Fan.
I don't limit myself to anything...(sort of JKD based)and I don't follow blindly.

And I hope youd didn't say bad things about herbal medicine...cause I'll make sure I witness you and your partner's sexual dyfuntional problems all the way to the destruction with Viagra.

- GrandMaster Chee "The Healing Machine" Xiong

11/23/2002 12:21am,
Well, it takes two to make a fight. I'm not going to mindlessly attack you. You just stay on your side of the fence, and I'll stay on mine.

Actually, I do think it's stupid to believe in anything that is untestable, unrepeatable, unprovable and most importantly un-falisifiable.

My mind is very open but I require PROOF before I concede to anything having validity. And anecdotal evidence is not proof.

Actually I have JKD in my name because I take the martial art, not because I have any mystic connection to Bruce Lee.

If you really mean this, or even if only one of your personalites does, I accept it at face value.

Thank you.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

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11/23/2002 12:34am,
Ok, what did I do to get you angry at me in the first place?

And I have one and only personality

And I didn't say that you have any connection to bruce lee

11/23/2002 12:44am,
I'm not mad at you, I was picking a fight and you handed me your head on a platter.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

11/23/2002 12:49am,
Glad to see you kids made up ... now go find some hobbys.

Reverend K.S. Smythe

11/23/2002 1:19am,
Yes and it takes two to make babies

(A male and a female)

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Sgt. Puntang
11/23/2002 2:21am,
So are you trying to get laid or something? Shut the **** up and flame that bitch.

11/24/2002 4:42am,
Okay, just to make this train of events run on time:

The loony posted this on his "Andrea Place" thread:

While I was known as Warmest Winter Ever on Jiu-Jitsu.net, I told them my story about a Legendary Female Art student teacher named Andrea Place...

I want to retell the story to McDojo...tell me what you guys think (Remember I'm Warmest Winter Ever)


So given that I was asked what I think, I responded with:

You are deeply, deeply mentally ill. It would be a service to the human genome to rid this world of you before you breed, probably by rape.

Go drown yourself, freak.

This is what I think. Anyone who would actually do what he claims to have done is about one brain chemistry imbalance from tying up little boys and making them drink blood to "cleanse" them.

I had just taken down another troll over on ADCC and I was spoiling for a fight. This was an excellent opportunity, since this fucking spastic deserves whatever he gets.

And St. Puntang? Blow me, asshole.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

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11/24/2002 5:24am,
JKDChick, this is Alter7nate you're going against...

Alter7nate NEVER EVER stops arguing...just ask Peedee

And yes my brain chemistry is unbalanced...that's why I'm learning the devasting and extremely effective healing art of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

JKDChick, I bet you won't do nothing if I gave you a note like that...

11/25/2002 6:13am,
If you anyone gave me a note like that, I would invite him out for coffee, find a quiet alley and explain in extreme detail exactly how badly I was going to hurt him if he so much as looked me straight in the eyes again.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

12/12/2002 8:22pm,


OMG! I am tired of fucking pussies like you, it takes a fucking dark alley for you to threaten someone.

I'll straight up slap you in your ugly face, dick slap you and then piss on you to get you to swing at me.

When you do....oh **** its on I am going to fucking rip your face off eat and then split your asshole with my foot.

You need to shut the **** up bitch till you prove you can do ****.

12/12/2002 9:13pm,
I have done, in real life, exactly what I describe above. The guy was a pansy who could have been intimidated by a dormouse.

I can think of nothing that I would need to prove to you. Indeed, you are just as in need of providing "proof" for anything you have threatened/promised as anyone else.

I love you too, honey.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

12/12/2002 10:35pm,
Come up to me in real life and see how well I'll threaten you after I crush your knees.

12/13/2002 2:15am,
Caebon you're pretty brave seeing how she has no way of finding you in real life...

"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"

12/13/2002 10:25am,
Shhhh ... don't provoke the moron, elipson. He's doing just fine on his own. It's cruel to sport with the mentally incapable.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

12/13/2002 5:24pm,
I'm retired but it'll be a nightmare for JKDChick to meet the World's greatest Troll in a dark alley...

Man I'll tape it too, JKDChick will be moaning like a bitch