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4/12/2004 5:47pm,
Our club held a small tournament with a couple of other schools. these are my fights, i thought i'd see what tips and advice you all would give me. ...and yeah, i know the 3rd fight is horrible, i did some stupid stuff and almost got KTFO'ed for it. not exactly full contact mma, so you'll have to forgive me. (i'm in the white helmet)


4/12/2004 5:55pm,
You were a bit flat footed, and looseing up a bit would help a bit...but not bad and you put ur stuff up online, so you got my respect

And keep that head down..I just saw the last clip
looked fun:D

4/12/2004 6:07pm,
Just saw the first clip. Nice knockdown :)

You need to keep your chin down and loosen up a bit. Also, some more agression may have been in order - your opponent was bigger, but looked vulnerable to stepping in and punching away - he retreated straight back, and that's asking to be exploited.

Omega Supreme
4/12/2004 6:15pm,
Couldn't open it.

4/12/2004 6:20pm,
Shoulda double-legged.

4/12/2004 6:28pm,
Also, I really wish you guys could kick the legs. There was literaly dozens of opportunities to dump all three of your opponents on the floor.

4/12/2004 6:33pm,
thank you for the tips.

someone asked about the leg kicks, but they told us we could not do supporting leg takedowns, so all we could do was kick the front leg, and i'm not good enough at that to take someone down like that.

Omega Supreme
4/12/2004 6:50pm,
Yeah, a bit flat footed. Every single one of your opponents were open over they shoulder kick (like an ax kick), position lead leg into center line and blast more. Besides that *yay good job.

4/12/2004 6:51pm,
i'm a little wary of axe and crescent kicks, i have a friend who consistently dumps me on my ass whenver i try, so i just stopped doing them.

4/12/2004 6:54pm,
Actually, a lot of the time, they would just fall over on their own - all three of your opponents had some serious balance problems. Look into it.

Omega Supreme
4/12/2004 7:29pm,
Took the words out of my mouth hap.

4/12/2004 7:38pm,
Also, assuming this is full contact, punishing their front leg will really take away their ability to high kick, and that's all they do.

4/12/2004 7:44pm,
i had actually put thought into that, but my reasoning was, the rounds were only 1 minute each (2 rounds) and points were counted, i could either worry about hurting their leg so that they couldn't kick, which would take at least a bit of time, or worry about hitting them in scoring areas. i figured it would be more cost efficient if i just went for the body and head. i think had the fights lasted longer that would have been a good tactic, but with the time i had i think it wouldn't have gotten me as far.

4/12/2004 8:20pm,
heh, that third fight...yeah. that guy is in our club so i spar him pretty regularly and it usually gets bloody. when we were sitting there we were talking, and he says "let's not kill each other this time. i won't hit you in the face if you don't hit me." this was for the grandfinals. so i told him "ok". because we were taking it easy i reverted to a shitty way of fighting, big mistake on my part. that's the excuse for the crappy kicks, not a good one but that's what it was.

the guy in the first vid kept getting madder and madder everytime i knocked him in the head, which i assume is why he threw that weirdass flying front kick.

4/12/2004 8:32pm,
Flying front kicks win every match/fight/stripping contest.

4/12/2004 9:20pm,
actually i saw to secret ninjas in the backround of the second video...maybe they put something in your food...
btw is that itf?