View Full Version : Actual boxing glove weight vs. advertised weight

1/27/2012 3:26pm,
I just got a pair of sparring gloves that I thought were supposed to be 14 oz. Out of curiosity I weighed them on my food scale at home. Each glove weighed exactly 10.5 oz (+/- .01 oz). Is it normal for boxing gloves to have an actual weight that's off from the advertised weight or did I somehow accidentally buy 10 oz gloves?

Has anyone else tried actually weighing their gloves?

Neo Sigma
1/27/2012 3:53pm,
Possible that you might have ordered 10s, unfortunately. I've never weighed my gloves, but I do know that a lot of sites will show you a picture of a certain size, but have an option to get them heavier or lighter. You might have forgotten to switch it from 10, a lot of them have that as the default size. Where'd you order them from?