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Toby Christensen
4/09/2004 10:11pm,
How do you think Chopper Read, that loveable leg severing, hand nailing-to-tableing, facestabbing, earbiting, headbutting etc would do against the top martial artists of today.

For those of you who don't know who Mark "Chopper" Read is, read "Chopper, from the inside", his memoirs written in a Melbourne prison.

He's a former hitman and genuine Str33t fighter. Very worrying character.

4/09/2004 10:16pm,
He would be like tank, but i dont know howmuch power he has in his hands, from my understanding of his books he wins his fights by being damn tough and persistant not through any dramatic hitting power. Most of the encounters that he described involved weapons or group attacks (done by him in most cases) thats not to say he isnt hard. anyone who gets stabbed that many times and doesnt die is a coffin nail.

in the end though i think that he would wind up gettting tapped on the ground by MMAs but would take show ponies apart quickly

4/10/2004 12:53am,
He'd be, like, fucked up.

4/10/2004 1:59am,
Mark Brandon Read's stores are all fiction... In every single book he has written there is a disclaimer saying that. They are very fun to read but cannot be taken seriously. His ears being sawn off was real though, and yea, hes huge.

4/10/2004 2:56am,
Chopper talks about the martial arts in his third book titled "How to kill friends and influence people." Basically he states that the martial arts are highly overratted and many people who cannot fight are attracted to them. He is well into his 50's now but the man is built like a brick shithouse. ANd in his younger says of being in his 20's and 30's he was a violent thrashing machine. If he was in his younger days I'd put Chopper up against any martial artist and Chopper wold win hands down.

You see most serious martial artisits do not know what it is like to be on the edge. Knowing that you could die within the next given instance. They are not used to being surrounded by tattooed psychopaths armed with wepons and looking to kill you and seriously hurt you. For Chopper its not a sport. Be it fighting with broken bottles in pubs or with tomahawks in prison, he is fighting for his life.

Hes not fighting against people who want to tap him out,he's not fighting against people who want to win points,he not fighting against people who will stop once you've had enough. He's fighting in an arena where you only stop untill somone dies,where your surrounded by a gang of hardcore criminals with wepons and they each wanna kill you. Yet hes come out on top.

Chopper and people like him don't fight in an padded arena where its surrounded by judges to break it up once someones had enough. His arena is you stop when someone dies and its not just one on one either.Its 4 or 5 on one and wepons are legal.The top martial artists are training for the real thing,talking about the real thing, he'd DOING the real thing. Big difference.

4/10/2004 3:00am,
Yeah I can't stand people who just talk about fighting without actually doing it. You're right Hannibal.

4/10/2004 3:26am,
Nice try McFu.

:::::middle finger:::::

4/10/2004 3:30am,
You're not the same Hannibal that's on jiujitsugear.com and not brain dead, are you?

You're my favorite troll, btw.

4/10/2004 3:57am,
f it where the real thing. My money's on the Chopper.

4/10/2004 4:03am,
No way. Look read my earlier post.The first one I made. That has what you need to know.

4/10/2004 4:04am,
real question is, who would be more fun to go to the pub with?

4/10/2004 4:05am,
Are you in Sydney Drunkenj ?

4/10/2004 4:29am,
Not all the time. Read my earlier post.If its a safe padded environment with rules,judges to ensure safety and one opponant yeah o.k. If your talkign about real streetfighting in prison or some of the mean streets of Melbourne where Chopper grew up...sorry, your wrong.We are not talking about fighting for a trophie or a paycheck we are talking about fighting for your life. Different situation,different outcomes,different mindset,different world.

4/10/2004 4:49am,
Trained > Untrained
Tough > Wimp

It's that simple.

Stop being an idiot and claiming that being untrained is some kind of advantage.

4/10/2004 4:54am,
NHB training is useful but there is no substitute for the real thing. The harshness of fighting people off who are trying to kill you with guns and knives is harsh. Fighting for your life in H Division is a harshness that few will experiance. Chopper has been exposed to these since he was very young and survived where many where killed.For him life and death conflict is the real thing,you can't simulate it no matter how hard you try.

4/10/2004 4:59am,
Hannibal, what makes you an expert on anything? Please tell me. I know I don't know **** about life and death situations, anal prison rape, to the death street matchs, actually competing in MMA events etc.

I do know something about the techniques of BJJ, Shooto, TKD and I enjoy posting about them. I also know about aliveness because I train in a style that's alive, so I can say firsthand what, how and why.

Please, for the love of God, stop regurgitating **** you know nothing about or have no experience with. If you have done it, then tell why you are qualified to speak on it. However at this point your credibility is pretty much shot.