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1/04/2012 2:51pm,
Hello all. I hope this finds everyone well and in good spirits.

I am here to gain perspective on various arts, namely the MMA training side of the house, that will help to better me as an instructor.

I teach primarily Hapkido, and have done several other things in the martial arts over the years, and am more into the self defense side of teaching.

I work in bail bonds, and also as a security consultant and Executive Protection Agent for a global security firm out of Fayetteville, NC so to be honest, rules and regulated competition are not my cup of tea. That being said, I do highly respect both Traditional and Mixed Martial Arts competitors, as no one man can make a better mousetrap for everybody.

I cross-train in several other arts, and train with weapons as this is a weapon-dominated world when outside the martial arts realm. I am here to learn training and teaching methodology along with any tactics, techniques, and procedures of instructors in their various disciplines. Myself and my long-time instructor, are putting together a training business (along with a martial arts organization that he was made Headmaster of) to assist the open minded self-defense student with the integration of various mechanisms of defense into one's own skillset.

I think this is where I, the TMA instructor, can learn in droves form the MMA instructor, as by default, they have to be able to sort through centuries old inefficiencies, make one technique work with many others, and integrate various disciplines at an intuitive and almost instinctive level.

As for my own training and experience, I started training in Taekwondo back in January 1993. I now hold a 4th dan and "Master" title in that art through the US Chung Do Kwan Association (I can go on ALL WEEK about their Tier 1 Leadership), but no longer teach as I had a falling out with that organization over a few of my students wanting me to start teaching Combat Hapkido (1st Dan, 2nd Dan pending) as well for a more Self-Defense oriented training program geared towards adults. I started training in Combat Hapkido under Master Jason Landaas (No longer ICHF affiliated) and now train as a Charter under Grandmaster Pellegrini direct. I have also been training under Master Landaas since his being given the reigns of Chun Moo Hapkido USA by GM Rick Jessee. I hold a Level II Instructor's certificate (inactive) under Guro Julius Melegrito's Phillipine Martial Arts Alliance. I served for 6 years in the US Marine Corps Reserve and the last 4 I held the secondary MOS 0933 Combat Marksmanship Coach and learned a lot more about shooting and more importantly how to correct shooters and help them improve. I have trained under several prominent firearms instructors who ONLY knew the gun and a few who knew other skills... But no one could integrate one skill with another well.

So I'm here to pick the brains of any instructor who will let me.

I'm a nothing-special kind of guy and I can find you 1000 people who can teach you anything I can... just they can probably teach you better. My intention is to be able to the one guy who can teach the entire use of force continuum with skillsets that work with each other to easily go up and down, from awareness and "command presence" all the way up to use of deadly force and back down, seamlessly.

1/04/2012 5:29pm,
Welcome to bullshido. 'tis good here.

1/05/2012 4:34am,
Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here.