View Full Version : MA Training Videos?

4/09/2004 5:22am,
What do guys think of training videos? Are they at all useful or are they a complete waste of time with no actual value even if you train some of things from the tape. If you like training videos, which ones do you think are the best and why? I have watched a few of Bas Rutten's tapes and I think they are so-so. By the way, is DRD ever going to start reviewing tapes again?

The reason I ask is because I am doing Boxing right now and I can't roll with any grapplers right now. But I have built a grappling dummy (the dummy is partially complete I still can't figure out how to simulate the wrist and ankle joints) so I can do static drilling on the dummy. This all that I can do until I find new people with which to roll (hopefully in a month or two). I know my grappling skills are fading is some respects but I am hoping that I can at least drill some new holds (and the old ones as well) while I am an grappling exile.:(

4/09/2004 7:08am,
I think videos can be useful as training aids. They can benefit training but are by no means a replacement.But thats as far as I'd go with them. The most important thing is to stay focused on your martial arts training 3 or 4 times a week or however often you go to the dojo/gym.