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12/18/2011 8:10am,
Hi BS detectors and exterminators! I am just looking at places to enjoy like minded souls who loves da martial arts. When i stumbled upon this site i scanned a little and had a huge smile on my face! These could be my people! People who like to have fun without the bs. I train in a small country town in Australia. I have been with the school since it started and have grown to love Tae Kwon Do.

It constantly amazes me at the ability of our Master and the culture of Tae Kwon Do to constantly unite and improve every student. I love our school, we are like a wonderful family. Our youngest student is 4 and our oldest a 65 year old grandmother of 4 who holds a black belt (1st Dan).
I also have a particular interest in martial arts in schools. How much better would our chiildren's focus and dedication be if they all practiced a discipline? We see the results in our kids every day.
Anyways, thats enough from me.