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12/18/2011 2:28am,
Hello all-

I stumbled upon this site trying to research whether or not some martial arts places close to my new home were legit or not. I've been doing some kind of full contact sport all my life, from TKD to ice hockey. Boxing has become a big hobby/workout motivator, and I also wrestled in junior high and high school. I took classes called ICS-short for integrated combat system; they go by a different name now but I suspect that the guy was probably full of crap anyway. What he taught seemed real enough, but the guy mentioned bruce lee in his lineage and wound up going to prison for aggravated assault, so... not quite the disciplined instructor you would want. *edit* I forgot to include the link to the site for ICS: http://icattraining.com/about

Anyway, that was a long time ago.

Long story short, I really like the idea of the site and I decided to join.

Omega Supreme
12/18/2011 11:43am,
You forgot to mention all the patty cake you played in first grade.

12/18/2011 11:54am,
And also patty cake in first grade.

12/18/2011 1:15pm,
Ha!! Welcome! So you train in boxing now!