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12/12/2011 5:29pm,
Just recently I was driving past a school in Colorado Springs that had been there about one or two years. I looked at the sign and it had changed. Not only did it read "Karate," but now it had "Mixed Martial Arts" above it. Talk about jumping on the band wagon.

The thing that got me though and I want to hear everyone's comments on it is; on a scrolling banner they had "Civilized MMA." When I checked out their website I saw this article: http://www.paulsensfamilymartialarts.com/GoJiuBujitsu.html

I love how they practice Kata, but call it MMA.

12/12/2011 5:35pm,
I am saddened, but also bored. Also: MMA forum? YMAS please.

vaquero de las nalgas
12/12/2011 6:02pm,
What sold me on them, was that they offer Zumba classes.

OK I see a Vietnamese martial art, Shotokan Karate and this:

Go Jiu Bujitsu combines: the principles and traditional hand strikes, kicks, blocks, stances and kata of Shotokan Karate; the principles and traditional rolls, falls, throws, joint manipulations/locks, chokes, submissions and fluidity of Japanese/“Brazilian” Jiu Jitsu, Neko Ryu Goshin Jitsu and Judo; the principles and traditional punching techniques and movements of Boxing; as well as many effective Military and Law Enforcement control techniques and weapons defense tactics

12/12/2011 7:25pm,

Civilized MMA in action.

oh yeah.

Holy Moment
12/12/2011 7:29pm,
Civilized MMA? **** that ****. I want me some STREETilized MMA!

12/12/2011 7:35pm,
Mark Colangelo - as in Michaelangelo?! Does this guy think he's a TMNT?

12/12/2011 7:42pm,
At least the gi is black otherwise it wouldn't be an MMA gi.

12/12/2011 8:31pm,
Damn! For once I'd like to long on to this site and leave with answers instead of more mind boggling questions.

12/12/2011 9:52pm,
Your'e too far out classed by Doshu Mark. Get a Life!

12/12/2011 9:57pm,
Your'e too far out classed by Doshu Mark. Get a Life!

Ah, and here they come!


12/12/2011 9:57pm,
Your'e too far out classed by Doshu Mark. Get a Life!

...and you would be?

12/12/2011 9:58pm,
Doshu Mark! Welcome to the boards! Your MMA sucks.

12/12/2011 10:08pm,
Watch out guys, he might come here with his fellow Masters - Ray Fail, Lee Ornado and Donna Tello - and show all us classless gladiators what the true d34dly is all about!

12/12/2011 10:18pm,
Rear Naked Chamomile - No Can Defend!

12/12/2011 10:38pm,
I would be one of his students.

No one owns MMA idiot!

and I'm not Doshu

You all are just punchy, lost some brain cells

12/12/2011 10:52pm,
You all are just punchy, lost some brain cells

Hahaha, yes, perhaps if we had all spent more time LARPing instead of learning how to fight we would have retained our faculties in order to present logically sound and reasoned arguments, like yours^.......