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4/06/2004 9:17pm,
some girl in my class wants to take "shadow kung-fu" which apparently involves a lot of "mental training" (i think she is pretty fucking mental herself). what other fictious MA have you guys heard of?

Guerilla Fists
4/06/2004 11:11pm,
xing yi quan

Just Kidding.

4/06/2004 11:39pm,
Ki Chuan Do :)

There is a McDojo that in my town that seems to have invented its own art, "Chi Budo Kwon".

4/06/2004 11:49pm,
Brazilian JiuJitsu. Nah, nah, I haven't heard of any "fictional" arts unless you count like Shaolin-Do or somethng.

4/06/2004 11:52pm,
Chai Do Kwan

4/07/2004 12:00am,
Te-do, met a French guy last semester who was always washing his gi and black belt, apparently he practiced with his girlfrined here.... no idea where, never got a description of the art...... never heard of it before or since.

He washed his black belt.... fucked up.

Mr. Mantis
4/07/2004 12:06am,
Originally posted by Dai-Tenshi

He washed his black belt.... fucked up.

What's wrong with washing your clothes?

4/07/2004 12:12am,
Is shaolin-do made up? There's one two blocks from my gym.

Mr. Mantis
4/07/2004 12:26am,
Originally posted by hedgehogey
Is shaolin-do made up? There's one two blocks from my gym.

Good question. I had looked at some of their web sites and talked to one of their students. Also, didn't someone here attend a school in Atl?

Anyway, they are purported to be out of the fukien temple styles, which I am familiar with.

I have not seen anything in any of their clips on the web that is familiar to me. What I do see is, well :(

4/07/2004 12:28am,
Originally posted by hedgehogey
Is shaolin-do made up? There's one two blocks from my gym.

It's gaining in popularity. It's krotty with a different label. To say "we are direct decendants from the Shaolin Temple" sells for some stupid reason. I've seen a dozen arts claim the same thing.

The one I saw that seemed made up to me was "Wing Chun Do" do a search on it, but put it all in quotes.

4/07/2004 12:31am,
There was one in the town i lived, i can remember what their chinese name was but it was translated to "Golden Dragon Emerald Serpent Boxing", apparently it had all 12 animal styles, long fist and Xing I/Pau Kua... i seem to remember them boasting training in ion palm/head/body... yadda yadda. Went along one night, paid $20 to sit and meditate for 3 hours, then do some "chi" breathing for 10 mins... and thats all they do for 6-8 mnths. I was told it built their dharma/karma/chi/kimi... or somthing.

4/07/2004 12:38am,
here's a classic www.hwardo.com

4/07/2004 12:55am,
Jeet Kwan Do

This wasn't really a made up style, just a guy who'd been in jeet for a year and still didn't know the fucking name!

4/07/2004 1:00am,
Originally posted by Noodlepower
here's a classic www.hwardo.com http://www.hwardo.com/Images/GMtrademark.jpg

Now THATS a chinese backscratcher!

4/07/2004 1:14am,
I will go challenge them at the nearest opportunity.

4/07/2004 1:16am,
Originally posted by hedgehogey
Is shaolin-do made up? There's one two blocks from my gym.

Yeah, as already said, it is Karate with a different name. Sin The', the guy who is the Grandmaster of the style, even wrote a book on Karate. There is an offical book as well (can even be found on Amazon.com). There was one in my town, I wanted to visit so badly, but they closed down. Not sure if they opened somewhere else or not though.

They are known to incorporate alot of other systems too. They'll mix some Mantis, Long Fist, Baguazhang, etc into it. Though the people who do those said arts say they suck.