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12/05/2011 9:26am,
Hi all I'm a beginner in martial arts, I started at hapkido... But after 1 month and half of seeing only no-contact sparring; chubby black-belts that could not kick higher than an uncoordinated guy like me; memorizing one million types of useless wrist-locks and hearing "we are too deadly to compete and stuff" I decided to leave.

Gave BJJ a shot 2 months ago... Never looked back.

I'm currently doing BJJ... Actually getting chocked, arm-locked and etc...

By the way... Should I read "Mastering Jiu-Jitsu" by Renzo Gracie? I heard people saying that is great for clueless guys like me...

12/05/2011 9:59am,
Jiu Jitsu University (Saulo Ribeiro?) is probably the best book to start. Don't get caught up with wasting $$$$ on DVDs and books though (or time on YouTube videos). Just concentrate on going to class regularly, not overtraining, listening during the instructions, drilling and trying to actually learn/expand your game while rolling.

12/05/2011 10:29am,
I prefer Renzo's book to Saulo's, personally. It gives a good conceptual overview and some nice basic technique (though a bit more MMA focused).

Saulo gets recommended a lot, but for me a lot of the things he advocates are advanced moves relying on very exact base and pressure, noobs might have an easier time with stuff that has a bit more room for error. Plus it talks down a lot of things which are very commonly taught; beginners may find that a bit confusing.

12/06/2011 5:21am,
Thanks, guys. But I think I will stick with Renzo's book: looks much more beginner oriented than Saulo's one. I prefer to understand the "BJJ mentality", strategy and basics movements first. After that I get Saulo's for the techniques.