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4/06/2004 5:35pm,
I'm about to visit this school: PMAA (http://www.pmajkd.com/about_stx.htm), in 2 days, and I'm interested in their Kickboxing and BJJ. While the BJJ looks fine, their STX Kickboxing gives me a sort of "cardio/tae-bo" feel. Do you agree?

Also, if any of you keep reading the site, do you think it looks like a McDojo? And what are some things to look out for/questions to ask so that I can get a good feel as to whether they're a McDojo when I'm there? Thanks ALOT!

*Cheers to a hopefully successful, lengthy, and fun MA experience thats about to begin.

Guerilla Fists
4/06/2004 5:41pm,
Ask the following:

What is the sparring situation like? Just stand up? Just grappling? Mixed?

What can I expect to acheive/ be capable of after three months?

Do you have contracts? (contracts bad)

Is there physical conditioning?

That's just a start.

4/07/2004 2:03pm,
Anyone plz? I'm going soon and I'm nervous!

4/07/2004 2:12pm,
His Muay Thai Lineage actually looks pretty good. Go and enjoy! Kickboxing is great exercise AND MA. It kinda has to be to be effective.

The easiest way to find out if it's Mcdojo is ask who his fighters are and when was the last Kickboxing match. Mcdojo artists don't regularly take Kickboxing matches.

4/07/2004 2:14pm,
This is NOT Mcdojo: http://www.pmajkd.com/pgallery.php

Note the real contact and affiliation with Dogbrothers!

Wounded Ronin
4/07/2004 2:26pm,
They have Little Ninjas.

4/07/2004 2:49pm,
Originally posted by Guerilla Fists
Ask the following:

Do you have contracts? (contracts bad)

As with most blanket statements this is wrong. It depends on the type of contract and what the 'get out' clause is. For the business to suceed they have to have a dependable revenue stream. I don't see how you can do that without a contract of some sort. Unless your like a Gold's Gym, whose business model is to over sell the **** out of the building and count on most people not showing up.