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4/06/2004 3:00pm,
How does the audience, however large or important, change sparring or fighting for you?

Personally I make like Sakuraba or Genki Sudo, who are amoungst my top favourite fighters, and try to spar/fight well while also entertaining the crowd. I'll try to flashy lower percentage attacks, the "unrealistic" moves, and if you went to the last Toronto McThrowdown, you would have seen me SCREAM and run at a guy chain punching!

POST BELOW! :cool:

Dr. Fagbot Q. MacGillicuddy, PhD
4/06/2004 3:02pm,
the presence of an audience adds just a tiny little extra to my shame and discomfort when i invariably curl up on the mat and begin sobbing. especially if there are girls.

4/06/2004 3:02pm,
I never did like crowds. I try to block everyone out.

4/06/2004 3:05pm,
Should make no difference. There's always someone watching. I've never fought or sparred anyone without there being on-lookers of some sort.

Should I walk down more dark alleys??!!

4/06/2004 3:11pm,
This is how it works for me: Crowd = hyped up = cocky = sloppy = owned.

4/06/2004 3:21pm,
For me it's:

Crowd = more nervous than usual = gassing = sloppy footwork = getting hit = lowering my guard = getting owned.

4/06/2004 3:23pm,
Audiences add to the nervousness, but once in the ring I only see my opponent. I think the nervousness has less to do with crowds and more to do with the fact crowds are usually present when you have and organized fight with a new and unfamiliar person.

4/06/2004 3:30pm,
Originally posted by garbanzo
For me it's:

Crowd = more nervous than usual = gassing = sloppy footwork = getting hit = lowering my guard = getting owned.

hey, we should fight sometime. :D

4/06/2004 3:52pm,
Without a crowd, I'm unable to feel the energy of all the little hulkamaniacs out there. Deprived of their cheering, I am often unable to overcome dire situations, such as being camel clutched shook, rattled or rolled.

4/06/2004 4:33pm,
I always do lots better in randori than competition. Either because I'm less relaxed, or because I can feel their beady eyes staring deep into my soul.

Peter H.
4/06/2004 4:38pm,
I love the audience. I want them screaming, cheering, yelling, cussing, tossing crap at me, whatever. They get my adrenaline going, I can ignore the pain, the tiredness and just put it all out there.
It doesn't matter who, or how many, just as long as they are loud. Whether it's a class of elementry school students and I'm in their gym for a demo or 3,000 at the city collesium to see me wrestle, I don't care, just make noise.

Omega Supreme
4/06/2004 4:38pm,
I'm with you on this one Piz, I play to the crowd.

4/06/2004 4:46pm,
Considering my extreme excessive/complusive disorder, once I focus on my opponent, the rest of the world disappears...

j/k, but seriously, I tend to tune everything out so either way, crowd or no, I feel the same.

4/06/2004 4:50pm,
I like it.

Our advanced class used to be at a high school, and there was often basketball games going on at the same time. So there was a lot of people just walking around.

Whenever I practiced my nunchaku, people would always crowd around the door and watch.

It seems that I don't get tired as fast, and kind of feed of off the people watching.

I've tried practicing it more recently in the park with no one around, and it gets boring a lot faster and isn't as much fun.

4/06/2004 6:20pm,
strangely i tend to do better when i have a crowd around me.

4/06/2004 6:40pm,
I just realized I do better when I'm not being watched by people.

Like this one time I was alone and this gang wanted to fight me so I summoned a chi ball and it pushed them into the SHADOW DIMENSION!!!!11