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Lanner Hunt
11/25/2011 9:13pm,
Hey, I figured I'd put this in newbietown since it's been a few years since I last posted and I might as well be a newb anyway.

Recently I moved back to Broomfield after living in the mountains for about a year, as I got a job in Boulder. I've begun searching for a martial arts school in the area, and have come across a gym that teaches SAMBO (the main site is http://fusboxe.com/), along with some BJJ and MT striking. Does anyone know of this school, or of the head coach Michael Sullivan? The school seems alright in my eyes, but as someone with no background in MMA or SAMBO, I have no idea what a legit school should really be teaching. The site also links to their official youtube page (http://www.youtube.com/user/FusBoxe) where they post a technique once a week, among other things such as testimonials. On paper, what the school claims to teach seems to be a very well-rounded system, but I'm not sure. Is there anyone with a background in SAMBO that has heard of this school, or that can give an informed opinion about it? Sambo seems to be a very interesting system of fighting and I would like to take it, I just wouldn't know what to look for in this school.

Note: I could find some of the coaches on Sherwood.com (Shannon Culpepper and Todd Meredith), though they have all have fairly uneventful records. The head coach Michael Sullivan is, at the very least, listed on onthemat.com as achieving 7th place in the 2007 US Wrestling Sombo (sic?) Nationals in his weight division (96 kg / 211.5 lbs).

Lanner Hunt
11/28/2011 7:09pm,
So I've been trying to ascertain a price and while they don't seem to purposely avoiding it, they continue to say that they would like to talk to me about my goals in class in order to determine price, implying that the prices are prorated depending on how frequently one attends class. Is this a good or a bad sign; personally, I've never been to a school that did it.

It is Fake
11/28/2011 7:34pm,
Go check it out and don't sign anything no matter how you feel.