View Full Version : anyone got links to the story behind Gene Labelle and Seagul?

4/06/2004 11:58am,
Just heard about this, but can't find anything on it, does anyone have any links describing the events that led up to Gene Labelle choking out Segal?

4/06/2004 11:59am,
BTW, I don't think this was a recent thing, I'm just interested in reading about it

4/06/2004 12:27pm,
Here are some interesting stories from Lebell's site. http://www.genelebell.com/stories.asp

Seagal is not listed. Try to search with the correct spellings of both names:
Steven Seagal vs Gene Lebell

4/06/2004 12:39pm,
The Seagal story isn't listed because it was part of a settlement that he, LeBell, can never speak of it in public. Oh, and Shug, they have this great thing called Google now that you may want to try. :)

4/06/2004 12:56pm,
actually I did 0_o But that was with the incorrect spelling :P

4/06/2004 12:58pm,

http://pub13.ezboard.com/fsfuksubmissionfightingukfrm1.showMessage?topicID= 266.topic


4/06/2004 1:11pm,
Off topic: Kinda...
Can we get some confirmation that Joe Denohra is Gene's Nephew?

4/06/2004 1:49pm,
lol, Lebell's Bruce Lee story on his page is helluh funny

7/07/2005 11:42pm,
I say now chaps...

This topic is being rather fiercely debated and discussed at length at this very location Steven Seagal VS Gene Lebell (http://mma.tv/TUF/index.cfm?ac=ListMessage...ID=556050&FID=1) , you will find all the information you require, and a most intriguing read I do declare chavvies!


I do ask that each and every one of you take the time to peruse that link at your earliest convienience, and post your thoughts regarding this matter.

There's a good laddie now!

The Cantankerous Old Baron Von Beatdown of Beeftown Esq.

7/07/2005 11:49pm,
Holeeey Shiittt.

The baron von beatoff venturing forth to rape and pillage outside of the UG.

What's the world coming to?

7/08/2005 1:32am,
Haha, the Chuck Norris story is good too.

Seeing Gene choke out that kid on Bas's Big DVDs of Combat was funny too, he poured some water on him to make him think he pissed himself.