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4/06/2004 3:29am,
The Underground Railroad included a strict warrior code of espionage and secrecy, employing such practices as the art of hiding, positions of concealment, weapons, covert entry, the art of escaping and leaving no trace and more. The Underground Railroad was the covert faction of the first African American Church.

From near the bottom of the block writing on this: http://www.africanmartialarts.8m.com/ page.

Now, this looks PRETTY stupid to me. But I'd like to be wrong.

4/06/2004 3:30am,

Look at the "Japanese Guy and Egyptian Dude" picture about halfway down:


Toby Christensen
4/06/2004 3:42am,
In my opinion, the only way to learn African MA is learn from the source. That's why I'm gonna find some Eritrean immigrants. That page is shite.

4/06/2004 3:43am,
I would love to respond, do you have some question? Or do you just want verification? Or are you saying this is bullshido?

4/06/2004 3:44am,
I will be visiting Eritrea again in the next year and try to see what I can find out about this head butting thing.

4/06/2004 3:45am,
Originally posted by Veridian
I would love to respond, do you have some question? Or do you just want verification? Or are you saying this is bullshido?

*stares in amazment*


Uh, welcome back.

Toby Christensen
4/06/2004 3:45am,
Please do Mr McFu.

4/06/2004 3:47am,

There is something moving underneath your nose.

I hear strange sounds too.

Could you please make all the above stop?

4/06/2004 3:48am,
It was the picture in the second link that made me spit.

4/06/2004 3:51am,
Learned the concept of "Submission Fighting" from an Associate Deputy Chief Commissioner of the California Penal System.

What's wrong with this sentence?

4/06/2004 4:02am,

4/06/2004 5:48am,
that site is really wierd, they use the term 'bwana' as master, which is kind of strange as that word has severe apartheid connotations. Also i think it is a bit silly to think of African martial arts as the 'root' or the 'missing link', as it implies that these arts have not developed over time. Also herodotus is a very strange source to use, as he is very innacurate and cuturally unaware.

I hate made up histories at the best of times, but in relation to MA they piss me off even more............ TKD has been around for five thousand years when it was founded by a wandering zebra, is just the same as the Romans claiming descent from Aeneas, or the kings of scotland claiming to be descended from Alexander

El Tejon
4/06/2004 7:57am,
How could they employ ninjas, there were no motion pictures then?:D

4/06/2004 9:21am,
why is sinbad wearing a taekwondo uniform?

Beatdown Richie
4/06/2004 9:47am,
Oh my god! The Egyptians had wrestling! And all sorts of black African peoples have wrestling! They must have invented it!

Seriously, I would be very surprised to find many cultures that do NOT cultivate some kind of grappling (and striking, and weapons, for that matter) art. Does any one of them have a monopoly on the concept, or the techniques? Nah. Convergent evolution is the key concept here...

As for that Egyptian dude in the picture - the thingy on his head indicates he's the pharao, right? How likely is it that the pharao is depicted in a defensive fighting stance?

4/06/2004 9:47am,
i've really only seen the wtf people wear the pullovers. everyone else seems to wear the traditional gi style dobak.

i wonder when he got his black belt, and under who.