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4/05/2004 9:19pm,
I went with a friend to watch a point style sparring in a tournament. It raised a few questions in my mind about point style sparring, and the way that they did it. The way that they judged it was if they had power behind their technique (and proper technique), no tapping (actually had to hit them) or wild throwing stuff. My friend got knocked down a bunch and got the breath knocked out of him a couple of times. Sunday he had to limp everware, and had a bunch of bruses on his arms. Another guy got a bloody nose from a kick to the face and in the next round he had some tolit paper up his nose :D It was quite funny. But earler in the day, the same guy threw a side kick and caught another guy in the arm, looked like the guys arm broke, they had to take him to a hospital.

So if you can thow a side kick and break someone's arm, is't that self defence? What do you think of this type of sparring and it's application to defends one's self?

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Watch kickboxing/muay thai to see BIG DIFFERENCE.

Will personally take on your whole fucking point sparring school, one after another.

Not fucking kidding.