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4/04/2004 12:21pm,
alright bullshidoist, right now i'm planning to join a muay thai gym
to complement my hapkido throws and joint-locks. i found a place that's close to me and so far it looks pretty good.

link (http://www.business-graphics.com/muay_thai/)

any opinions?

4/04/2004 12:25pm,
There's also the Pro Training Inc Gym in Pasadena, if that by any chance is closer to you... (Awesome Gym) owned by Walter 'sleeper' michalowski (sp?) and June Castro. I've trained there a couple of times for MT.

4/04/2004 12:27pm,
Idk, can't tell much from the site. It's hard to find a Muay Thai mcdojo but it is possible, so just be skeptical.

Btw IMO, it doesn't "look" like a Mcdojo but I could be wrong. So just be careful before signing a contract.

4/04/2004 12:28pm,
really, didn't know there's a school near me. i looked around in yahoo, and that was the only school that looks decent and close.

do you have the website?

4/04/2004 12:34pm,
nvm, found the website.

the gym (http://www.protraininginc.com/)

4/04/2004 12:35pm,
looks pretty decent, might check it out today or tomorrow since it's so close to me

4/04/2004 12:36pm,
yea they're not listed...i have their phone number...i dont think their website is quite up yet.

ahck i can't find it right now. n i have to run. I'll PM you the number when i get back. Search up Walter 'sleeper' michalowski... maybe it'll show up.

4/04/2004 12:38pm,
oh ok nevermind...yea good luck with that.

You get a free class the first time. and they're PRETTY decently priced. IF you join the annual sorta deal. they also have BJJ and NHB training on weekends

4/04/2004 12:41pm,
yeah, i saw bjj and also boxing on their class schedule. how much do you think it will cost for a month though. i'm on a budget and i'm a broke-ass college student.

4/04/2004 12:46pm,
The MT gym you where thinking about looks good. Go for it

4/04/2004 1:32pm,
hapki_18 The only thing I would recomend you is to do alot of jogging. Muay Thai can be quite strenious for those who just started. Some weight lifting would help as well.

4/04/2004 4:03pm,
damn. the gym isn't open on sunday, so it looks like i will have to wait till tomorrow to check it out.
freddy: i am in very good shape, i constantly work out at the gym for a little over a year now and if not then i'm either balling up or practicing.

Omega Supreme
4/04/2004 4:27pm,
Heh, I wus jus down there too.

4/04/2004 4:40pm,
where? the one in pasadena?

Omega Supreme
4/04/2004 4:44pm,

4/04/2004 4:48pm,
wtf, i thought they were closed on sunday. were you down there taking a little bjj private lesson:D