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4/04/2004 11:00am,
I don't know how accurate this is because I can't seem to find the supporting members list page. (link it some one) It is NO surprise the major bullshitter is Kungfoolss. 'Putting your money where your mouth is' would be repulsive to the ekusive coward nutty boy of Bullshido. I am surprised at 9chambers and LLL. Who knows about Balloonknot? Not he, I assume. He's too busy pasting articles about President Bush is a dick.

Kungfoolss 2181 posts.
9chambers 2078
Fatility Dragon 1787
LLL 1763
Balloonknot 1533

other nonsupports who post lots include MaverickZ 1063, and of course old Mr. "Dear me, I just can't decide which ma to practice," Hannibal at 1028.

4/04/2004 11:02am,
Yeah, but we like the BB club because some of those people aren't there.

4/04/2004 11:14am,
When summer is here... Ill put some money up because I will be working more than twice a week.

4/04/2004 11:18am,
Christ, I didn't think about that. What if Hannibal, in his know it all persona, dominates BB club with his bullshit? I'd have to kill him. And Veridian! ****, there aught to be a test or something. I know, let's start a Grand Master Club.

J-lau, No problem for the poor, especially the poor who are fighting, winning honors for themselves and for the Bullshido Empire. I'd be happy to give you first patfromlogan scholarship.

4/04/2004 11:20am,
Where people have to be voted in...yesssss....

4/04/2004 11:23am,
****, if it was up to votes, I'd never make it!

Maybe a 10th dan club, where the self-important can hang out.

4/04/2004 11:27am,

4/04/2004 11:55am,
No scholarship needed... less than a month of school left, and then I will be working again, and training more (cant wait), and THEN, I will contribute.

4/04/2004 2:23pm,
Awww, I didn't merit a mention? I shall endeavour to make myself noticed more in the future.

Also, I hate that KF is at the top of the list >_<

4/04/2004 2:28pm,
aw :(

this is some sort of coercive tactic. "Pay the supporting member fee or we'll rape your dog and hang it from a bridge." type of thing, except on a more emotional level.

4/08/2004 4:39am,
Hey, I'm sorry I am not a supporting member yet. It has more to do with me being unemployed than anything else. I do plan on being a supporting member once things come together for me - my parents are doing a lot better, it's like they are 10 years younger than they were last winter, so I should be able to return to full-time work soon - I have some people in Indianapolis interested in hiring me right now. I should have a regular job by the end of the month. I'm a substitute teacher sometimes right now. I'm also drawing some stuff to try to get a job that way. I promise, I'll make donations when I can. This place has been a great source of entertainment and information for me and I do appreciate it. I also plan on going to throwdowns someday.

I will as soon as possible. I think everyone should support the things they care about.

As for any bullshit or whatever you are hinting at .. if people are talking smack about me in the BB club then they should either step up and say it where I can defend myself or shut up. I've always been honest, spoke my mind and done my best to be a productive member. If people don't like me then they can kiss my ass. Anyway, I doubt most people worth anything are saying anything in the BB club that they aren't to my face so I don't really care what goes on in there. Even after I am a supporting member, I'm not going to run in there and gossip like a ninny. I just want to support a cool web page. I want a T-shirt too. Those are cool.

Hey, I get my tax check this month .. I could put some of that up in here. Cool. I'll do that.

4/08/2004 4:43am,
I just payed and am waiting here twiddeling my thumbs for whatever is supposed to happen to happen. Dum dee dum.....

4/08/2004 4:51am,
God damnit, I'll pay when I get back to the bleeding states!

Toby Christensen
4/08/2004 5:04am,
But balloonknot is right! President Bush IS a dick!

4/08/2004 5:07am,
awww crapo didnt make the list again :(

4/08/2004 5:12am,
Well, as much as I'm loathe to say it, welcome to the club.