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4/03/2004 11:13pm,
I say we start a martial arts mafia, just like in "No Retreat, No Surrender" in which we go around to martial arts schools making them pay dues, or protection money, and if they don't we let an Eastern European beat them up. I'm open to suggestions....

4/03/2004 11:23pm,
I nominate Anthony as the Vancouver boss for the Bullshido Yakuza. Osiris can have Atlanta. L.A. and New York will be tough, lots of guys who could be 'capos' there. Asia pretty much has Germany to himself. Unfortunately, KC, you and I will have to have a death-match for control of New Mexico. Sorry, that's the rule. :)

4/03/2004 11:25pm,
Damn, a gangland style martial arts war, you have anthony and his Yakuza fists of the Pacific Rim on your side, they'll kill me 7 times before I hit the ground, I don't stand a chance.

4/03/2004 11:36pm,
I'll take an enforcer gig...I get to meet interesting people and ice 'em

4/03/2004 11:37pm,
good, I need people like you in my organization.

4/03/2004 11:43pm,
Gotta love the work...waste disposal...is a very noble profession.
We have to be careful though, I hear the ninja are starting to concern themselves with the family business...

4/03/2004 11:46pm,
yes the ninja's, there is only one way to counter ninjas and that is "pirates" the ninjas natural enemy, I'm sure we can find some in the carribean, or maybe disneyland if nothing else.

4/03/2004 11:48pm,
You guys have been watching too many episodes of the Sopranos.

4/03/2004 11:55pm,
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh lord, you dont' know how funny this is.

4/04/2004 12:03am,
hey anthony, so how's the Yakuza life going?

4/04/2004 12:04am,
Or maybe it would be triads, there the chinese version of the mafia right?

4/04/2004 12:15am,
"Ohh ohh ohh ohh...Yakuza Yakuza...
I'd hate to be caught down in that trap.
Ohh ohh ohh ohh...Yakuza Yakuza...
Life is so damn sweet. "

4/04/2004 12:16am,

I would have no idea what you are talking about. I work on the internet. :)

4/04/2004 12:18am,
yeah, but I watch alot of History Channel, anyways we can use your internet connections to go international, plus I usually don't have any clue about what I'm talking about, but I can usually pretend I do.

4/04/2004 12:25am,
If Anthony's in charge of Vancouver, does that mean I'm an underling? I can ice people with my jo staff (no they don't teach staff in Pankration, I just like it!). Maybe I should join the Dog Brothers and organize some NHB staff fighting? MWAH HA HA!!!! @#%&%$#!!

4/04/2004 12:27am,
I have some good dog brothers connections if your interested, it will only help you consolidate your canadian power base.