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11/21/2002 6:59pm,
1.) Can you guess who got off work early and was at Body Wise Gym from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM last night (Wednesday)?

2.) Can you guess who wasn't there at all?


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To those of you who doubt my identity....I will welcome any of you to a mutual workout and sparring practice. I work out at Body Wise on Mondays and Wednesdays from about 7-8. I always where a Miami Hurricanes Baseball cap when I am lifting. If any of you have the balls, i.e. DanDavis or I Am Watching.....I would love to share some quality ring time with you, and of course the offer is still open for Blade's tournament. I am training, and I will be ready for any of you. Dan - you really need to put your money where your mouth is. Half of what you say on your posts isn't even true. You got everyone riled up by saying Casey Grillet and his girlfriend confronted you at the mall, that never happened. And meeting with I am watching? That never happened either. To tell you the truth, I think you and him are the dame guy! You blame everyone else, you should look in the mirror. I also would like to challenge any of you poser-loser-wannabe martial arts instructors in Sioux City. Meet me at Body-Wise, we will settle our differences. And to settle the record, I have respect for Anne D's school and Blades, anyone else in Sioux City is just pretty damn pathetic, i.e. Mike White, Wermes - Lai, Taekwondo Plus. Any takers?

11/21/2002 7:06pm,
Dan, please drop it man, rise above, we love you, TKD4thDan has stopped harrassing you on the sight, no need to go back.

11/21/2002 7:15pm,
Well, it was pretty disappointing to say the least. Probably the best thing about that night though was seeing a friend of mine beat his personal best bench press. He competed in a national level drug-free power lifting meet last summer & placed 3rd in his division. He currently weighs 200 lbs & put up 475 lbs last night! It was incredible! I guarantee he'll walk away with a national title in 2003.

11/21/2002 7:19pm,
Now that I think about it, there was a guy there with a hat on. It wasn't a Hurricanes cap, but it was a hat nonetheless. AND.... His maturity level was comparable to TKD4thDan's. I'd say he was about a year and a half old & had a pacifier in his mouth. He looked pretty tired as his mommy took him out of the day care. Probably wasn't feeling up to a fight. I'll beat his ass next time though. :^)

I'll get off this subject as soon as I get off his mama.

Mikey, what happened to your "Two guys walk into a bar" joke? I thought that was your trademark.

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11/22/2002 5:35am,
So's bunga bunga..
Tell your friend I hate him soooo much. 475, bet he has chicken legs.

11/22/2002 8:14pm,
I guess his Ultimate Fighting background is legit. I just found this out a few minutes ago. Sometime during the first quarter of the year, there were some amateur NHB bouts held at a local bar. Any asshole could get up off the barstool and participate. I guess he was one of those assholes & got his ass handed to him on a silver platter.