View Full Version : Some of my TCC's shuai-chiao postures

4/01/2004 8:39pm,
1)- Child-prays-to-Buddha

2)- Swallow-soars-to-the-sea

3)- Rhino-looks-at-the-moon

4 and 5 are variations of transitional child-prays posture


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4/01/2004 8:48pm,
3 was not rhino looks at the moon
if anyone tells you it is
they are most certainly mistaken

and by the way...nobody cares (but me)

4/01/2004 8:56pm,
Is one application for 2 and 3 uchimata?

4/01/2004 9:03pm,
mikus, 2 would be more appropriate for that throw. 3 is a twisting posture which could be applied to something like harai-goshi.

4/01/2004 9:16pm,
I'm not kidding
I studied shuai chiao for five years
3 is searching for the sea in the opposite direction as in 2.

4/01/2004 9:27pm,
JBliss, the hands are the rhino's ears, the raised leg is its horn, and the face is its eye - rhino looks at the moon. :D

I've heard 2 referred to as, Sacrifice body to dive into ocean, Swallow soars to the sea, sweep the clouds, and now yours which is new to me.

3 is a twisting/breaking action. 2 is a lifting/stealing action. 2 can even have a hop in it. If you hop with 3, you'll probably break something when you fall. At any rate, they each involve very different mechanics.

4/01/2004 10:07pm,
what I'm saying is In my expereince rhino looks at the moon is nothing like that

cross left over right, bring left arm up in an arc over your head and down to your right arm chambered by your side while bending at the waist and looking over your right shoulder.
you end up looking straight into the sky...where the moon is.

both your legs are on the ground
its a throw and a stretch for the neck and lower back
all SC postures are throws
and "stealing" and "lifting" are types of footwork
I'm not sure what you were refering too
as still frames don't reveal much.
I'm saying from a SC point of view
2&3 accomplish the same thing

4/01/2004 11:33pm,

I really just don't get it.

4/02/2004 12:53am,
OK. Your SC has those names and accompanying ideas.

The Tai Chi shuai-chiao I've been practicing for 14 years has different names and ideas. It's the shuai-chiao component in my TCC, and not a style of SC in and of itself.

I had SC guys at EF describe completely different Child-prays, swallow, and rhino postures from what I do, and we didn't argue about the names. :cool:

Stealing-step is footwork. The stealing I'm talking about is one of 4 different types of unbalancing done with the legs; Stealing, Breaking, Cutting, and Sweeping.

Twisting and Lifting are the 2 types of throwing methods. They can be combined of course, but the postures I showed are intended to address each method individually.

Cutting and Sweeping are contained in the variations of child-prays. Foot behind the knee is Sweeping, and foot on the front of the knee is Cutting. Child-prays snaps into place and emulates the mechanics used for either Sweeping or Cutting.