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4/01/2004 3:59pm,
http:// oops, wrong button. I like to think I have at least some power in my strikes. Perhaps boxers may know more about this. When hitting the heavy bag w/different strikes(no spear hands yet), I find that when I just go nuts on it the whole bag wswings all over the place. However, when I aim correctly, the bag itself moves less but where I hit caves in more.

Note: I don't say strike correctly as every one has a different way of striking. I was taught to try to use the two big knuckles. To me it feels more solid than the others but then again I don't box.

4/01/2004 5:48pm,
(yoda): ...control... you must learn controoool!

Watch your distance too, if you are too close a punch can turn into more of a push. And relax. Trying to "power" the punch usually throws off your alignment and turns into a glancing blow (man, that guy would be hurting if he were over there!).

4/01/2004 7:29pm,
Okay so I do get pumped up when I hit it. Albeit, I've been doing Karate for 10 years on and off, I've just recently got a heavy bag so I'm new to that part.

4/01/2004 8:21pm,
first you get the MONEY

THEN you get the power

(then you get the khakis)

4/01/2004 8:25pm,
And I thought this would be some machavellian discussion.

Sad panda

4/01/2004 8:32pm,
Gaining power in this country requires the support of the electorate.

4/01/2004 8:38pm,
Or their FEAR!!!!

4/01/2004 8:39pm,

4/01/2004 8:55pm,
Fear, respect, doesn't matter as long as they're subordinate.

4/02/2004 12:39am,
If you are used to Karate you are probably used to focusing techniques. Try pretending the bag is at lest 2" smaller in all dimensions and strike that. Basically you focus on striking a cylindrical core, this keeps you from hitting off center and helps you get the right "depth" to your strikes.

4/02/2004 12:44am,
Power ?

Do not ask for what you are not willing to take !