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3/31/2004 8:01pm,


09:00 - 31 March 2004

An Aberdeen boy has achieved his black belt in Sooyang do just three years after taking up martial arts.

Nine-year-old Mikey Cordiner, from Aberdeen, endured three gruelling hours of grading on Saturday to gain his coveted black belt in the martial art, a variation of taekwondo, at the Westdyke Leisure Centre in Westhill.

Mikey's proud mum, Angie, believes her son's achievement is just reward for his dedication.

She said: "Mikey started Sooyang do in April 2001 when he was six and it has really boosted his confidence. He was a bit of a daydreamer, but his teachers at school have noticed he is able to concentrate much better.

"He has really stuck at martial arts and his family is delighted for him. I was ecstatic when he reached his red belt but to get to black belt status in just under three years is fantastic."

Mikey had to go through all the gradings from white belt to brown belt, complete all the speed and punch drills, and finally, he had to break six wooden boards.

Angie added: "For a nine-year-old it was very demanding, but he stuck to his task well and deserved his award. We're all very proud."

Mikey trains with instructor Dave Garden at Cairncry community centre.


3/31/2004 8:26pm,
*sigh* :rolleyes:

3/31/2004 8:34pm,
"For a nine-year-old it was very demanding"

This is the funniest part of all and to me makes the even crazier point that it is the same test for everyone..

Anyways, who wants to kill themselves over this this time.

4/01/2004 4:23am,
I guess these folx never has seen documentaries about children training in Shaolin temples or even Chinese opera.

And lil Mickeys training was demanding? I thinks not.

4/01/2004 7:09am,
Not very suprising.

Why on Earth you would want to broadcast such an embarresing fact is beyond me though. But I suppose when you're handing out black belts to 9 year olds nothing is too much.

4/01/2004 10:30am,

Peter H.
4/01/2004 10:51am,
Hey, at least it took the kid three years of work. Besides, if it helps in school, who cares if he can fight at age 9. The shame is not on the boy, or his mother, it is all on the instructor for having a program that will let a 9 year old be a blackbelt.

4/05/2004 11:20pm,
With not stipulation as to the CHILD earning a "Lil' Dragon belt"! Hahahah!

4/06/2004 12:10am,
Good for him.

When I was 9, I was too busy running into walls to concentrate on doing anything productive.

4/06/2004 1:55am,
Whats next, the first fetal black belt.

4/06/2004 6:44am,
Or black belts for sperm.

4/06/2004 6:48am,
Giving a none year old a blackbelt and telling him he can fight is like attatching wheels to a tomato.Worthlesss.
But anyway its **** like this that corrupts the martial arts world and the only reason why people do it is for money. A blackbelt used to mean a person has achieved a high standard of martial arts fighting ablity. It meant many meany years or greulling and harsh training that not everyone succeeded in. Nowadays 'would be' instructers hand them out like chocolate.To think a nine year old kid can defend himself in the manner that a blackbelt is supposed to represent is crazy.

You put a grown man, 35 years of age strong as a new student to the dojo up against a nine year old with a blackbelt. Are you telling me the nine year old will win ? Of coarse not. My point is when people have a higher rank than others, yet their fighting ability is clearly inferior to others it reflects badly on the instructer,style and student.

4/08/2004 5:40pm,
Black belt or no black belt, a kid does have a chance. A small one, but it's there. I've readit in the papers a couple of times where the kid got away relatively unscathed, except of course some bruises and torn hair of course. The kid either used his/her teeth or picked up a weapon, saw an opportunity and took it.

4/08/2004 5:41pm,
Doiesn't make it okay for 9 year old black belts though.

Guerilla Fists
4/08/2004 5:50pm,
It's not like it matters, it's a variation of Tae Kwon Do. So either way, who cares?

4/17/2004 9:48am,
^^Sums it up for me;)

...wait, I do TKD!