View Full Version : How to train flexibility for high kicks?

11/09/2011 10:38am,
As the question above.
What are the stretches you guys do?

11/09/2011 11:46am,
Start with your mouse in the far left corner, leave your palm in place and stretch with your fingers to the upper right until you reach the search function. Learn about this topic on old threads and stretch as necessary.

Quick answer: The static stretching a lot of people do (hamstring, butterfly, splits etc) may allow you to reach your leg up higher, but its strength and dynamic flexibility that are going to get it there and actually have it do some damage. I'd say one of the keys to developing high kicks is to work on kicking a high target.

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Andrew WA
11/09/2011 8:22pm,
In Taekwondo I did a ton of stretching. But I got hit by a car and so I have gone through mutliple surgeries in my life and I lost some of my flexability.

You just have to strectch every day before doing your kicks. Do the typical stretches you did in gym class or any taekwondo/karate dojo/dojang, but practice kicking high targets. Also lift the legs up and down in every direction as high as you can WITHOUT using momentum. Just let the muscle strength pull the legs up. I would say if you do stretches for about 30 mins a few times a week you will get flexible really fast. My old TKD teacher made us put our legs up on the wall and we laid on our backs and did the splits then he would walk by and push our legs apart even more and we would be in this potion forever. It sucked but it worked.

11/09/2011 10:46pm,
To increase flexibility, I have found, the best thing to do is daily stretching. That being said, how do you go about it? Start with some dynamic stretching, to start blood flowing to your muscles, then jog or jump some rope or something to get the muscles good and warm. You can do your normal cardio for this. As soon as you're done, hit the static stretches. stretch to as far as you can and remember to relax into the stretch don't resist the tension. Then resist against the stretch for ten seconds, breath in, and then relax breathing out and deepen the stretch.

If you do resistance training (weight lifting) stretch in between sets. After your muscles are all balled up after a set, it's very relaxing and beneficial to stretch during your rests in between sets. This will help you keep flexibility you gain, and I have found, cuts down on soreness especially on heavy lifting days.

That's just going to help with flexibility. If you want power, then yeah, you're going to have to start kicking higher targets, and work on form. It is probably best to work flexibility first then power. I just got done nursing a hammy trying to get my kicks up too fast on my return to kaj. Although now the hammy I injured is now way for flexible than the other one.