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11/06/2011 7:50pm,

i just got off the phone with the guy who's fighting him. the dude's name is andrew, he had an account here a few years ago and never posted much.

apparently, dan picked a fight with him, then refused to make the fight this month and wants it after andrew has knee surgery.

what's really funny is, i sent another message to danbo about a week and a half ago. he still wont answer me, but is telling andrew that he never dick tucked me or anybody else.

Sri Hanuman
11/06/2011 8:47pm,
Why am I reminded of American History X?

11/06/2011 9:00pm,
Why do people act like that? It makes me sad.

Rock Ape
11/06/2011 9:02pm,
Bowen's a 'tard. Why even bother, he'd NEVER show.

11/06/2011 10:25pm,
I thought Phil Elmore rehabilitated Danbo!

11/06/2011 10:27pm,
so did i. i remember bowen making a video titled "dan bowen bitches out", and saying that he was done with internet challenge matches and that he saw the error of his ways.

that video, coupled with his progress made since he's been training at marinoble's mma was actually leading me to respect the doofus.

11/06/2011 11:05pm,
**** this tool, I'll believe it when I see it, he's jsut a typical dumbarse troll on the internet.

Sharp Phil
11/07/2011 9:26am,
Dan actually seemed to be coming along, for a while there. When I phoned him (admittedly drunkenly) to talk about our match and asked him, of curiosity, why he wanted so badly to fight me, I think he had never experienced anything approaching kindness before (at least not from an Internet person). I remember at one point saying, "Dan... Are you crying? I wasn't trying to make you upset."

He basically admitted that I was a stand-in for all the people who had ever picked on him. He tried to suggest that we have a simple MMA-style match so that nobody got hurt or arrested, and I went to sleep that night thinking the fight was still on. That morning, I discovered he had uploaded that video in which he called the whole thing off and declared me the winner (and cried again).

I honestly thought he really was focused on getting legitimate training, or at least more so, but at some point the ninjer peer pressure must have gotten to him and he started trash-talking me again. It wasn't too long after that when he got embroiled in this feud with Andrew, who seems like a very nice person.

I would travel to Alabama to watch this fight if I thought there was any chance Dan would show up.

Sri Hanuman
11/07/2011 9:54am,
Just goes to show ya, behind the scenes people will act up for different reasons.

W. Rabbit
11/07/2011 10:01am,

11/07/2011 11:26am,
hey! Phil posted. 6 seals left.

Is the dan bowen from ages ago we're talking about the same tiny, apparently untrained guy posting now? Is it all an elaborate troll/sandbag by someone with more experience than he's letting on?

Sharp Phil
11/07/2011 11:30am,
He's the same Dan Bowen, yes -- the fellow who used to issue fight challenges to the entire Internet as "Shinobi Shugendo" and who was slated previously to fight "White Kimbo."

11/07/2011 12:11pm,
I used to think Dan Bowen was an absolute ***** and just another internet tool. I honestly now pity the guy and I think something is seriously wrong with him mentally; Maybe a severe case of bipolar disorder?

Sharp Phil
11/07/2011 12:14pm,
It would explain a lot of his behavior.

11/07/2011 12:16pm,
It would explain a lot of his behavior.

I would believe so, considering how one week he'll comment on my profile and say something nice like we're buds. The next week, he'll troll my inbox with messages about how I should fight him.

Sri Hanuman
11/07/2011 12:43pm,
Regardless, it's simply a bad idea to issue or accept internet challenges for two main reasons. He has a wife and kid he needs to worry about. One day he will start something with the wrong person who's also got a screw loose, and it will end very badly.

Mr. Bowen may need some serious face to face time with someone who truly gives a damn. And definitely a long break from youtube.