View Full Version : Anyone ever actually visited Ashida Kim's ninja temple?

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3/30/2004 1:30pm,
If so, what goes on in that place?

3/30/2004 1:31pm,
I'm posting from the temple right now. I've got a break in between transcendental meditation and flipping out 101.

Deadpan Scientist
3/30/2004 1:43pm,
Where is the thing anyhow?

3/30/2004 1:48pm,
Originally posted by brandeissansoo
Where is the thing anyhow? "We have had many people who wanted to come and live and work and train in the Ninja Temple. We have tried many times to establish such a permanent base where we could house our cadre or visiting martial artists and accommodate all styles and systems. But, it is not to be. We have had many schools and still have many affiliates who fly our banner and will have more that come and go in their turn in the days to come. Because the martial arts are dynamic, always changing, always growing and improving and keeping alive the traditions of past masters. They cannot be limited to one rigid fortress. To even establish such a fortress is to invite a siege. In fact, the Shaolin temples at Shantung and Honan have been destroyed and rebuilt many times."

source: http://ashidakim.com/temple2001.html

3/30/2004 2:06pm,
You know, for a while it was looking like they were trying to get a place near here in Lower Paxton township, which is part of the Harrisburg, PA metro area.

Would've been a laugh to visit.

3/30/2004 6:09pm,
shiro, Just don't leave for risk of FLIPPING OUT AND BEING TOTALLY SWEET.(Your sarcasm is funnier :/)

Wounded Ronin
3/30/2004 6:16pm,
You could always send a polite email to [email protected] and ask him.

3/30/2004 6:21pm,
Everyone should make a letter and send it to Ashida Kim.

Make sure to post the message here or Ashida won't bring you a gift on Christmas Eve!

3/30/2004 6:31pm,
So its been explained now.
He's not building a permanent fortress because he is worried about a siege.

3/30/2004 8:42pm,
Damnit, I hate it when people lay siege to my dojo. We had one just the other week. Yeah, that's totally a legitimate concern when building a dojo. It certainly isn't that the guy is a wanker.

Actually, I would be up for us invading any dojo Ashida Kim builds en masse. That would rule.

3/30/2004 10:42pm,
I would totally be down for a mass Ahida Kim pwning. Where do I sign up?

3/30/2004 11:39pm,
Dude, you are flying your newbie colors for all to see. :)

Last year, Anthony A and Osiris teamed up and publicly punked Ashida Kim, meeting his stupid demands for a challenge match, only to see him back out, claiming to be a worn down injured old man who can no longer fight.
Then he banned everyone who mentioned Bullshido on his message board.

3/31/2004 12:04am,
And then he SHUT his message board down.

3/31/2004 12:09am,
No ****? Haha. Oh, that must have been something.

3/31/2004 12:16am,

You see this ****?

Holy crap! This sends my IQ to a new low.

3/31/2004 12:30am,
THAT'S what he looks like?

Why does round-eye have such a name?