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11/04/2011 2:58pm,
Looking for a BJJ place to train at here in SPB Russia or a good SAMBO club. I used to go to a SAMBO school but it has been over six months since I've been there and they relocated. Any leads, phone numbers, etc, etc would be helpful. Thanks in advance))

11/04/2011 3:50pm,
I'm looking for a BJJ and Muay Thai club in Saint Petersburg. Anyone have any information? I used to go to a SAMBO club but it relocated. (( Any help would be great. Thanks in advance))

11/04/2011 3:58pm,
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11/04/2011 6:45pm,
thanks, i posted once but it didn't show so I reposted. Sorry about that) I had another screen name on this site awhile ago but I changed my email and forgot my login/password.

11/04/2011 6:53pm,
Do you speak Russian? Or do you have google chrome installed on your pc?

If so I'd start here:

It contains names, addresses, telephone numbers, website addresses, training times and even coach's qualifications.

I discovered this through the revolutionary method of searching for 'самбо Санкт-Петербург' in google...

It was the first result.

11/05/2011 3:41am,
I've searched for BJJ schools in SPB and can't find any. SAMBO schools are easier to find. just looking for reccomendations more or less. Thanks for the google tip ;)

11/05/2011 9:34am,
How about you try this BJJ club

LINK (http://tinyurl.com/3bywcgk)

11/05/2011 2:43pm,
thanks for the link. Kind of sucks. I have to work M-F 1800-2200. classes are from 1930-2130 but I can still make the Saturday classes. Going to check it out next weekend. Think I can find a gym that has afternoon sambo to keep me going throughout the week