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11/04/2011 8:44am,
Hi Everyone!

I've been lurking this forum for quite some months now, and I really like it around here. To get rid of this freakin' smiley, I decided I'd finally sign up now.

So, I'm from a small, kind of rural town in Germany with two slightly larger towns around with surprisingly many schools and dojos. I started studying Aikido about three years ago, and even though I really enjoy it, I do know that this propably isn't gonna be any useful for any kinds of fights, I am just learning it because it's fun, it improves my flexibility and the people at the dojo are cool and I like to hang with them.
Whatever, after one year in Aikido I thought it propably wouldn't be bad to learn something at least a bit more relastic, kind of "badass" thing, so I joined a JJJ dojo around here, where the training is harder and includes lots of grappling, randori and physical conditioning. I was sceptic about it in the beginning, but I'm really having fun with that stuff now. At the same time, I started visiting a boxing gym occasionally. The schedule there doesn't suit me that well, but it's the only one round here, so I try to show up there as often as I manage to, so I can at least learn the basics.
So, that's pretty much the common history of me an MA, besides the common "learning some karate when I was ten years old"-stuff.

I hope I can learn a shitload of knowledge from this forum, and maybe my 2 cents will be helpful for some of you from time to time as well.

Up The Irons!

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11/04/2011 10:19am,
Welcome to Bullshido!

Enjoy your stay, fellow noob.

11/04/2011 10:42am,

There's an interesting discussion you might enjoy about the differences between Judo, Japanese or Gendai Jujutsu and BJJ in the Basic Technique forum here (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=110538).

11/04/2011 11:03am,
That's actually very interesting for me. Thanks man!

11/04/2011 1:28pm,
Welcome to the site :) train hard.

11/04/2011 1:35pm,
So far so good.

Welcome to Bullshido and have a very pleasant day.

11/04/2011 4:12pm,
Welcome to Bullshido!

Way to go being straightforward about your Aikido training. I think so many people visiting here for the first time would save themselves a lot of trouble if they just stated they train an art for fun and because they like it. The bullies here respect the fact that some people do what they do for fun. It's when newbs try to convince us that their school is the one in a hundred exception to the common trend that things get ugly.

Sounds like you're on the right track. Aikido for fun, JJJ and boxing to add a little practicality. You'll fit right in here.

11/05/2011 7:20am,
Guys, I'll have to use this thread for a REAL beginner's question:
How can i change my freakin' profile picture? I've been trying to get this done FOREVER now!

11/05/2011 8:27am,
Does this look like the JJJ you practice?


11/05/2011 8:34am,
Nefron I would really like to answer your question but "the video isn't available in Germany because it contains music that isn't liscensed" by the German authorities. That's a problem wirh a lot of youtube content here, because the German law is (like in everything else but alcohol, unfortunately) really restrictive.

11/05/2011 8:44am,
You can probably watch those videos by using hidemyass.com or something similar.

Here are some more videos.



11/05/2011 8:58am,
These vids are working, thanks! Yeah, that's pretty much what our randori looks like, we sometimes do it like this and sometimes start in clinch-range, so it becomes more "judo-ish", kind of. We spend about 1/3 of our training time on learning certain techniques in "form" (not sure about the correct term here) with a non-resisting compliant, which reminds me of my Aikido training.

11/05/2011 11:03am,
Cool, I was also training this kind of JJ. Its pretty fun, except the self defense and duo system crap.

When I started BJJ, some skills were pretty transferable, but the ground work is on completely different level.