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3/29/2004 5:56pm,
Didn't want to divert the conversation further away from the movie Dawn of the Dead discussed in this thread:



But I'd like to discuss this quote further:

Originally posted by Shumagorath
The military was totally written out, from naval bombardment / aircraft carriers to Blackhawk attack choppers. I realize that it would defeat the whole point of a zombie apocalypse movie, but I can't help but feel cheated. I want to see zombie hordes getting gunned down by choppers and clusterbombed to bits. Oh well. What do you think the American military SHOULD do in the event of a zombie outbreak (similar to that in the movie "Dawn of the Dead")? What would inevitably happen?

I feel that yes you can bombard them from afar, call in air strikes, ETC... But given the property damage and possible death of american civilians doesn't it make more sense to hunker down and wait until you know what you are dealing with? In particular how the "disease" is transmitted?

I'd be in favor of organizing groups of zombie hunter groups to locate trapped humans... but I don't think it makes sense to be blow one of our own cities to hell just to kill zombies!!!!11

3/29/2004 6:00pm,
zombies are like a demon possesed limb: The only way to deal with a city they are in is to lop it off and replace it with a chainsaw.

With that and a bang stick you're ready to go.

3/29/2004 6:20pm,
Do we have appropriate body armor? If I'm wearing a space suit can I wander into a pack of zombies care free? I wonder....

Dochter -- isn't it a BOOM stick?!!1

Deadpan Scientist
3/29/2004 6:26pm,

3/29/2004 6:29pm,
Something Awful planned out entire zombie escape plans, but here's what I came up with on the spot:

A) Land barricades, even backed up by armor, will eventually be overrun UNLESS you intercept the problem in the early stages. Get riot control vehicles equipped with loudspeakers telling people to raise their hands, take cover, or do something indicating that they are still human. Shoot anything else. APC/Riot vehicles sweeping the streets will be enough to take out small towns and possibly large cities where the infection has not spread yet.

B) In DotD, the infection seems to spring up everywhere at once, but proper quarantining of an actual blood-borne zombifying disease should prevent the thing from sweeping the nation and probably the planet overnight like it was done in the movie. If you want to make the disease move that fast, then I might as well say I can use a Zombie-DNA-eating nanite swell :rolleyes:

Back on topic...

C) Using helicopters for zombie area denial, get medical transports to any pockets of survivors and get them out of the area and into secure military locations. Check them for bite marks on the way, and execute any potential risks. Citizen of your country? BULLSHIT! They're a zombie waiting to happen. That's probably how Fort Whatsitsname went down in the movie; someone with a bite on them was let in and the subsequent outbreak was not communicated properly.

My problem with this plan is that I don't know how many choppers it would take to hold off a city block from all directions, but with rockets from Apaches and three or four Vulcan guns on each Blackhawk, I'm pretty sure you could land a UH-64 (the big Navy chopper) or even a Chinook.

Airdrop small arms (M60, M249, M16, Shotguns) if you can since zombies can't use them. Yes, I know most civilians can't shoot for ****, but it's better than nothing.

D) Once a large metropolis is completely overrun, follow my handy questionnaire:

Is the city equipped with Air Raid sirens?
YES: Find a way to activate them so survivors know to take cover.
NO: :confused:

Is it near the coast?
YES: Naval Bombardment with air spotting. You might kill one human for every thousand zombies. Acceptable loss.
NO: A-10 Thunderbolts carpetbombing with incendiary weapons. Dresden 1000. If you think land artillery can spare a few lives, so be it.

Does it have a large underground tunnel system?
YES: Well, ****. If it can fit a subway it can fit a tank.
NO: Do nothing. Well, airdrop some food, supplies and small arms in case there were surviors.

With at least ten bullets for every person on the planet, I fail to see how all military power on Earth was overrun.

3/29/2004 6:32pm,
Originally posted by Osiris
I think they could come up with SOMETHING bite proof. True enough... they "could" make one if they had the time..... heck this f-er and his bear suit would likely be ok:


But in terms of availability... limited until they could be mass produced. What should the military do in the meantime?

3/29/2004 6:36pm,
Good stuff, Shumagorath!!

brandeissansoo ... I dunno -- anything that can be taken off with hands either by accident or intentionally... I don't think I'd trust. Plus there are gaps in the armor and most of us aren't used to lugging around all that extra weight. Zombies would eat canned food too I'm thinking.

3/29/2004 6:39pm,
Like the group of militia in 28 Days Later?

3/29/2004 6:40pm,
I clicked on this thread and my nerdometer just exploded.

3/29/2004 6:42pm,
One other thought, Shumagorath:

If you DID exterminate thousands (millions?) of zombies and a cure or... something... were later found down the road... imagine the backlash. :(

3/29/2004 6:50pm,
In the case of a Zombie outbreak, I think the military SHOULD be called in.. Air Raids, Tanks, and what not. I mean, a single tank could stand against an entire horde of zombies. Well that's my input of the situation.

3/29/2004 6:51pm,
Originally posted by shironinja
One other thought, Shumagorath:

If you DID exterminate thousands (millions?) of zombies and a cure or... something... were later found down the road... imagine the backlash. :(

I'm willing to shoot first and ask questions later so there is a tomorrow, instead of looking for a cure to undead cannibal frenzy syndrome.

3/29/2004 6:56pm,
Originally posted by Shumagorath
I'm willing to shoot first and ask questions later so there is a tomorrow, instead of looking for a cure to undead cannibal frenzy syndrome.

I have to agree highly. I mean, kill or be killed. **** that, I'm not gonna get eaten by some undead cannibalistic fucker.

3/29/2004 7:03pm,
There are enough nuclear weapons in the world that even if every major city gets infested... well.... instant sterilization

3/29/2004 7:08pm,
If you come back two months later is a zombie still a zombie? ... or will it have run out of flesh to eat and stop moving?

3/29/2004 7:13pm,
This is still one of the funniest things I've ever read at Bullshido:

Originally posted by PizDoff
hmm joint locks and pain techniques won't work

you can't submit them, eye jabs won't work, throat strikes won't work

maybe you have to kick their heads off!
WOW Tae Kwon Do does work!

THAT'S WHY TKD IS SO POPULAR! THEY ARE TRAINING TO COMBAT THE UNDEAD! WOW THANKS TKD GUYS FOR KEEPING US SAFE! http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3651&highlight=zombies

TKD + tanks = "the next good zombie movie"