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10/29/2011 2:48pm,
I wasnt so sure where to post this so I put it here. Theres a picture I remember seeing on here a while back and cant remember what thread it was in or who posted it. It was a picture of a fighter who was hanging by rope around his neck in a gym with a heavy bag in front of him, and there was a Chicom flag behind him. The poster had written a text above it which said: "choke conditioning".

If anyone knows what Im talking about, what would be the purpose of this? Could that possibly help condition him against chokes?

Please help me find this, Ive been searching all over for it.

10/29/2011 2:57pm,
Could that possibly help condition him against chokes?

message too short need more words so here they are

10/29/2011 3:03pm,
That's called a suicide

10/29/2011 3:13pm,

Not what I was talking about but here is an example. Definitely NOT suicide, as Farmer Burns didnt die by hanging himself. They may have had the scientific knowledge we have today, but why would a great grappler such as Farmer Burns be doing this to himself? The only thing I can think of is they must have thought it would make themselves harder to choke out, but obviously that reasoning seems very flawed...

10/29/2011 3:29pm,
Nooses apply pressure to your wind pipe and your spine, given the location of the slip knot. A properly applied choke won't be defended by flexing your neck or anything like that. The carotids are soft flexible elastic arterial tissue, and they collapse very easily. And you cannot condition your brain to run on less blood or your carotid sinus to not react to the pressure change and drop your heart rate. Whatever this guy above is doing will not stop a properly applied blood choke.

10/29/2011 3:44pm,
Thanks man^^^^
Thats what I was thinking.

10/29/2011 11:27pm,
I seem to remember reading somewhere that this was something Farmer Burns used to do to show people how strong his neck was from wrestling, much like Houdini having people punch him in the stomach. I'll see if I can't find sources to back that up.


10/30/2011 1:36am,
Chuck Yeager wrote in his book, something about his wrestling training and being able to flex certain muscles in his neck to keep from passing out in certain maneuvers that create high Gs in an aircraft in WWII. AW ****! Was it Chuck or Pappy Boyington? Either way, I'm not quite sure how or if this would apply to being choked?

Let's see who gets the first "It doesn't"!

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Wow!!! This thread has been up this long and no one has brought up David Carradine yet?!

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Wow!!! This thread has been up this long and no one has brought up David Carradine yet?!

That's because it has nothing to do wi... oh wait.

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10/30/2011 9:47am,
Wow!!! This thread has been up this long and no one has brought up David Carradine yet?!

Sorry to leave you hanging like that.