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3/29/2004 3:19am,
Two fights. Looks like the skinny kid in the first one has some minimal grappling ability, but TEH STREET wins the second.


Direct link, same video:

Edit: added direct link

Toby Christensen
3/29/2004 3:49am,
Even I COULD SEE openings they both missed. Where were the nelsons, the armlocks, the chokes?

Sun Wukong
3/29/2004 3:55am,
The same kid in brown pants was in both. I think he was getting the pants beat off of him in the second one for messing with a smaller kid in the first one.

Took me a second to make the connection because the video quality is pretty poor on my monitor here.

3/29/2004 4:59am,
Haha, that entertained me greatly :) haha

3/29/2004 5:20am,
a classic, *(help me help) lol

3/29/2004 6:11am,
Direct link:

3/29/2004 6:42am,
They should fought with knives, choppers or pistols rather than fists, kick or grapple.

Peter H.
3/29/2004 9:11am,
Look, these kids are rich, why the hell don't their parents get them some belts. I see less draws in the gym locker room.

3/29/2004 1:56pm,
I can't see the vid.....do I need some sort of codex?

3/29/2004 3:21pm,
The skinny kid lacks submissions. Maybe he just didn't want them.
The "big" kid is quite stupid to fight with all the skinny kid's friends watching.
Lesson learned I guess.

3/29/2004 3:57pm,
I doubt they're rich, but I'm sure they're well off enough for belts, you're right on that.

Middle class isn't rich, jackass.

3/29/2004 4:22pm,
depends on which country you live in
here in the u.s your not rich becuase you have a friends who IS rich and his dad just bought him a new car, while you have to ask your mom to borrow the station wagon.
If your from the Dominican Republic we are some fabulously rich, whiny motherfuckers.

Peter H.
3/29/2004 4:35pm,
It looks like their fighting on a golf course, in my part of the US, if your streetfights include a golf course, you're rich.

3/29/2004 10:30pm,
Not really, my friends and I broke into a few golf courses for shits and giggles.

I doubt those guys were there for a few holes.

Side note: I hate golf.

@JBliss, yeah I know that, but as I don't live in the DR I don't use their standards. Sorry South America, I'm heartless, and that's final.


3/30/2004 12:40am,
We drove there in a 1985 Ford Escort that my friend got at a yard sale for $200 and we had to start that night by pushing down a hill ^_^

I gots my str3t3 cred, yay ^_^

3/30/2004 11:01am,
buh, i live right next to two golf courses but that don't mean i'm rich.