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3/28/2004 10:21pm,
Since I am an arrogant SOB, who refuses to do grappling, I am limited to Thai fighting (5, 3 minute rounds, 90 second rest)
Training regiment goes like this:
1 ROUND = 3 Minutes/30 seconds rest
3 days a week:
45 minutes running in morning (Usually medium paced jog)
10 rounds rope (quick sprints when 30 seconds left in round and rest)
10 Rounds of shadow boxing
15 minutes of pads with my trainer (probably most intense part of my workout, most tiring cardio wise)
5 rounds hard bag

Usually do ST in evening on these days, things like weight lifiting/pullups/pushups.

Other days same thing, usually step up cardio and lower ST on other 3 days.

AND 1 day break.

Feel free to flame and /or laugh at the easiness of my workout.

3/28/2004 10:24pm,
And if you don't fight train, feel free to mention your training regiment ^^.

3/28/2004 10:26pm,
Thats a hell of a lot of training there !!!

Try not doing so much in one session. You don't want to push yourself too hard and burn out.

3/28/2004 10:29pm,
Well, the jog is in the morning (normal training is in the afternoon), and the rope doesn't usually consist of anything super tiring.

IMO better to push myself outside the ring then be killed when I'm inside the ring.

3/28/2004 10:40pm,
I agree Guy,

Your body was designed to be able to endure stress. Its not going to fall apart like people here will claim. Just respect your injuries and youll be fine.

3/28/2004 10:43pm,
I hope so, for your sake.

3/28/2004 10:50pm,
Lol hannibal, I hope so for my sake as well.

Any tips on knowing when an injury is severe or whether its just a slight "one-day pain". Any tricks or certain self-tests you can do, to make sure your knee pain isn't something more serious?

3/28/2004 10:57pm,
See a doctor, thats what their there for.