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3/28/2004 4:51am,

Wounded Ronin
3/28/2004 11:33am,
Isn't Hindu wrestling famous?

Te No Kage!
3/28/2004 11:39am,
Isn't India one of the famous birthplaces of wrestling? Greece, Turkey, India, China, Japan, etc.

3/28/2004 12:39pm,
In legend, the shaolin arts started out as fitness exercises taught by a travelling indian monk.

3/28/2004 2:28pm,
True enough. But apparently just about everything oriental came from a travelling indian monk. He sure got around.

3/28/2004 2:57pm,
Or from Jesus...

3/28/2004 3:25pm,
Isn't there ever any accompanying commentary with Killer Instinct's posted links?

3/28/2004 4:46pm,
Originally posted by ninjandrew
True enough. But apparently just about everything oriental came from a travelling indian monk. He sure got around.

That's because most things oriental originate from the Shaolin methods, in legend. Which is why they trace it to said indian monk.

I've studiedShotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wing Chun and Tai Chi, and have watched many demos of 'shaolin' kung fu, white crane KF and Hung Gar KF. There seem to be strong similarities between White Crane and Karate, and with some Hung Gar forms and some of the faster Tai Chi forms. When I was taught Tae Kwon Do the stances, blocks and hand strikes where almost identical to the Shotokan I learned. IMHO, I think all these styles share some common lineage (My TKD instructor told me that TKD was a mix of Shotokan Karate and some indigenous Korean 'high-kicking' kickboxing styles created after WWII).

I quite agree that such claims can' t be treated as established history. That's why I prefix with the term 'in legend'. But don't you think it's interesting that so many japanese and chinese styles refer to the legendary indian monk when it would be easier, and perhaps more 'politically acceptable' for them to claim japanese/chinese origin for their arts ?

After all this time, factual errors are bound to creep in, but I can't see why somebody would deliberately lie to attribute their training methods to a culture other than their own.

I realise that in modern western cultures, it can be good marketing to claim that what one is teaching has an exotic origin, but it 18th century China or Japan ? I don't think so.

It's possible people in the far east in those days wanted to link what they were teaching to the spread of Buddhism throughout asia, so somewhere along the chain the tale of an Indian monk got introduced (Buddhism started in India). I don't know myself. Thoughts ?

3/28/2004 5:17pm,
I beleive the topic of East Indian wrestling (and infact East Indian martail arts) was brought up before. Try a search and you might find the thread on it.

I have seen Indian wrstling before. It looks similar to Freestyle.

serious harm
3/28/2004 7:02pm,
I think many styles are related or similar, it actually boggles my mind, all these styles that use forms and qigong and meditation. Of course styles change over time and become very different from each other, but behind it all there are still similarities in many styles. I'm not too concerned with peiced together historical stuff , but I think the spirit of the story of boddhidarma rings true in general. The monasteries have been destroyed

Toby Christensen
3/28/2004 10:28pm,
I thought Kung Fu came from Pankration after visiting Greek troops to India?

3/29/2004 2:50am,
That's an interesting idea Angry_Spastic. Where did you hear that ?