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Tranquil Suit
10/21/2011 5:25pm,


Tranquil Suit
10/21/2011 5:27pm,
:NewspaperGuyTear: No comment.

10/22/2011 12:20am,
I understand these guys love what they do and all that stuff, but a fighter should know when his time is up, and if he doesn't, the comission should step in and inform him.

I was relieved when Holyfield got that indefinate medical suspension, but then they just let him keep fighting anyway. How many more people need to end up like Meldrick Taylor?

On a side note

http://www.15rounds.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/roy_jones_jr1.jpg (http://www.15rounds.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/roy_jones_jr1.jpg)

He's got mange going now... That patchy homeless look and the glassed over eyes should be enough to deny his liscense alone, all the devastating KO's he's suffered lately should seal it.

He should go back to the ants marching in a line all the way around his head look again.

Tranquil Suit
12/05/2011 9:49am,
How the mighty have fallen.




12/05/2011 7:15pm,
you gotta know theres a whole crowd of hangers on around a guy like this, whispering bullshit acid into his ear trying to keep their gravy train going as long as possible. its fucking sickening. this is why boxing regulators are there, yet they wont stop these guys from destroying their legacy as well as whats left of their minds. fucking sad.

Tranquil Suit
12/06/2011 7:21am,
Dunno man, look at that puny promo. Another step down and he'll be fighting at a steak house. That gravy train is of toy size by now.

My gut says this travesty is coming from Roy himself, his ego will not let it go.

Maybe (hopefully) he just wants to go out on a W. It's not like he's got Nation of Islam cornermen (like Ali did).

12/09/2011 12:14pm,
this is sad to see. you don't go from having incredible defense and a solid chin to being dismantled time and time again. Roy is perhaps one of the best of all time but his time has definitely passed

Scut Farkus
12/09/2011 12:21pm,
Funny. In his prime, Roy always swore he'd never do this ****.

Tranquil Suit
12/09/2011 2:14pm,
Funny. In his prime, Roy always swore he'd never do this ****.
Heh, someone should remind him of that.

Tranquil Suit
12/11/2011 7:11am,
Well apparently Roy won by a boring decision, where both fighters barely did anything. But at least Roy pressed the action. And now he's talking about making a run for the Cruiserweight Title. Whatever Roy.

It is Fake
12/16/2011 4:41pm,