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10/19/2011 9:26pm,
So...about 10 min ago I was sitting on my couch watching "Penn and Teller Tell a Lie" and they open with a story about the plausibility of blowing up a car with gunfire. They introduce a guy by the name of Walt Bushey and say that he is a "Special Op's Veteran". Below the guys face they flash his name and title for a split second (thank God for DVR) and his byline is "Texas Police Officer, Former ARROW Ops Specialist." Walt is shown striding across the desert in tactical garb carrying an M4 and a pistol in a thigh holster. Walt then proceeds to shoot up a car with a Barrett .50 and various other weapons.

My first google search turns up a web page for the Katsujin Budokai (http://www.katsujin.org/index.php). One of the sites sub menus is for Law Enforcement. That link takes you to their Tactical Solutions Group. Which offers:

Tactical Solutions group is a board of Professional Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, SWAT , Military and Traditional Martial Art Instructors specializing in utilizing, modifying and adapting traditional martial arts for modern CQB and defensive tactics use.

The main instructor is Walt Bushey (http://www.katsujin.org/lawClass.php).

The requisite list of achievements is listed below his photograph:

32 Years Martial Arts Experience
Veteran USAF
US Branch Head/Senior Instructor Komei Jyuku Kobujutsu
(Iaijutsu, Naginatajutsu, Tantojutsu, Keisatsujutsu)
5th Degree Black Belt Shotokan Karate
2006 Head Coach “House of One” Mixed Martial Arts/No Holds Barred Fight Team
2006 US San Shou Team Assistant Coach
1990 US/Japan Yoshukai Middleweight Kumite Champion
1988-1989 Texas State Middleweight Kumite Champion
Adjunct Instructor – Lubbock County Sheriff’s Academy
Pepperball Non-lethal Systems Instructor
Senior Instructor – Tactical Carbine CQB Defensive Applications Course
Senior Instructor – Tactical Folding Knife Defensive Applications Course
Senior Instructor – Tactical Fixed Blade Knife CQB Course
Senior Instructor – Tactical Flashlight Defensive Applications Course
Senior Instructor – Law Enforcement Duty Belt Defensive Application Course
Senior Instructor – Two man Prisoner Escort and Control Course
Senior Instructor – Basic and Advanced Side Handle baton/Expandable Baton Course
Senior Instructor – Detention/Disaster Response Team Improvised Weapon Defense Course
Instructor – Home Invasion Response Training (H.I.R.T.) Course
Instructor – Basic, Advanced and Instructors Defensive Tactics Courses

Now Im not really up on USAF Spec Ops units beyond ParaRescue, Combat Controllers and Weather Technicians (yes really..weather techs. They go behind enemy lines to evaluate weather conditions for combat air ops). I do not recall ever hearing of "ARROW Ops". I have heard of the term "Broken Arrow" in regards to nuclear weapons loss/recovery but know of no Spec Ops unit called "ARROW".

Many of the Martial Arts claims are beyond my experience.

I am still looking for any evidence that he is a Police Officer.

Anybody know of this guy and his claims?

10/19/2011 9:36pm,
So far I have only been able to find one reference to Bushey having been a Para Rescue Trooper over at Socnet.com (http://www.socnet.com/showthread.php?t=59623). If true I wonder why he didn't list that as an accomplishment and "ARROW Op's" as his television byline??

Still zip on any evidence of being an active LEO.

10/21/2011 2:27pm,
Walt Bushey is a officer of the law. He works for the Lubbock County Detention Center and is a deputized officer who is also on the many of the special tactical programs. I have trained a little under him but worked with him at the LCDC.

10/21/2011 3:54pm,
Walt Bushey is a officer of the law. He works for the Lubbock County Detention Center and is a deputized officer who is also on the many of the special tactical programs. I have trained a little under him but worked with him at the LCDC.

The Television show titled him a "Police Officer". But perhaps that was an error on the productions part. The "ARROW Ops Specialist" thing is a head scratchier though. What was his special operations experience? If you know.

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10/21/2011 4:07pm,
Not to insult any CO's, they do a tough and thankless job that I would not take, but I tend to see some of them camouflage their corrections job by saying that they are in "Law Enforcement". I know MANY corrections officers and when asked what they do they say straight up "Im a corrections officer". Around here at least those who say "I'm in Law Enforcement" like to try and pass themselves off as cops.

Tactical units in Jails/Prisons have different training, different operational requirements and simply a different Job from Police Officers. Yet there are quite a few of them who try to parley that "tactical" experience into $$$$ via books, videos, seminars, etc. by giving the impression that they were SWAT, Special Operations, and so on.

Not that I'm accusing Mr. Bushey of that though. Different areas have different ways and expressions. However, I do find the lack of a clear explanation of what his Law Enforcement (or military) experience is a bit odd. The LEO's in his group are quite clear with their LE resumes.

10/23/2011 2:18am,
Walt Bushey is a officer of the law. He works for the Lubbock County Detention Center and is a deputized officer who is also on the many of the special tactical programs. I have trained a little under him but worked with him at the LCDC.

Is he TCLEOSE certified in any way, shape, or form?

10/23/2011 5:57am,
I know that he is a member of the Lubbock Sheriff's Department and may only be a Jailer with ties to other sections of the organization through his Tactical Solutions Group that he runs as well as being a member of the Detention Response Team which handle the most unruly prisoners and responds to riots and so forth. Before that can happen he had to complete training at either Lubbock Co. Sheriff's Academy or South Plains Association of Government LEA are the two most popular TCLEOSE training academies used by the Sheriff Office. His work involves training with the Tactical Solutions Group which also includes Captain Malcolm Chambliss as well as a number of other officers and deputies. The fact that he was label as a "Texas Police Office" was not correct as we have a completely separate PD here and as far as what the "ARROW Ops" affiliation might be I'm uncertain. I have trained with this man a few times long before I ever worked with him at the new Detention Center which is just the location he is stationed at while there are numerous positions that the sheriffs here fill. i.e. SWAT, Riot Control, Hostage Negotiation, etc.

10/23/2011 4:57pm,
What is this "Tactical Solutions Group" all about?

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10/23/2011 5:46pm,
Someone at work directed me to this thread. I know this man very well, and work with him at the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office. He is a TCLEOSE certified Peace Officer and has been deputized. It is common in a county jail to have both jailers and peace officers working in the detention center. I myself was a jailer for 2 years before being sworn in as Peace Officer in August, and I still work in the detention center. At the time this video was filmed Mr. Bushey was a New Deal Police officer. We appreciate you looking out for the integrity of our agency and all, but really, we got this. Thorough background investigations are done in our hiring process.

It is Fake
10/23/2011 5:55pm,
This thread wasn't started for or addressing the integrity of your agency or your hiring process. He is asking questions about Walt's specific claims and his resume.

If you can help thanks if not it happens.

10/23/2011 7:34pm,
I'm curious as to how he scored an appearance on Penn and Teller as an expert in weapons and "special operations".

His connection to martial arts was never even mentioned on the show, when I found that out it prompted me to start this thread...the martial arts/military/special operations/SWAT/ Police Officer salad is an example seen pretty often around here.

So the LE connection is becoming clear...what about the "special operations"/ARROW Op's claims?

10/24/2011 9:00pm,
If you have further questions about his background I would suggest sending him a direct email. You found his website and there is a contact form on there. He is very open and approachable and I suspect you would be provided with the information you seek directly from the horse's mouth.

10/24/2011 9:15pm,
Excellent idea...I just did.

10/25/2011 8:51am,
From Mr. Bushey:

Glad you saw the show. I served as a USAF Pararescueman until 1984 (that is
the military experience they were referring to). I don't remember any
references to SWAT on the clip, where was it in the segment? I will have to
watch it again and see what I missed. I am currently a Deputy Sheriff with
the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office, Detention Center Division, but was
reserving with the New Deal Police Dept. as a patrolman when this all came
about. "ARROW Ops specialist" was a surprise to me, it is not a correct
term. Air Rescue Recovery Wing (ARRW pronounced arrow) and Wing operations
(tasks performed by an air wing) were among the things discussed with the
production assistant who interviewed me. That interview ended up on the
cutting room floor as none of it was aired. I made no request for a specific
tag line for my name so, Command decision of the production assistant. All
in all it was fun.

11/12/2011 5:38pm,
The Penn and Teller episode I mentioned can be viewed here:


Rock Ape
11/12/2011 6:25pm,
You know.. As a marksman and someone who teaches others how to shoot it's my job to notice the finer weapon craft details.

1. Trigger control - it's a snatch
2. The follow through - there isn't any, the release is instant
3. The bolt cycle - clunky

Are they marksmanship skills of someone apparently expert enough to appear on TV and in doing so, demonstrate the operation of a specific weapon platform ? Not in my experience they aren't.

Ref the tag lines:

I find it odd Bushey's explanation is there's a mistake from the production crew side when questioned on the tag line: Where was the mention of Pararescue ? - Or doesn't that sound interesting or relevant enough ? I have my suspicions which.

I note however; when the Fire Dept guy's tag line appeared it simply stated what was on his Tshirt "Fire fighter" & "EMS" Apparently the production crew get somethings right.