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10/16/2011 1:23am,

What's up guys? Longtime lurker... just putting my name on the board. My introduction, many years ago, into MA's was at this school. My experience here, albeit brief, turned me off from the martial arts. (except for my slightly less depressing stint at a mantis school) It was cult-like, they interviewed (hard sold) for acceptance into the school and required you to purchase gear from their sanctioning organization before the first class but never delivered it all. Aside from bad business practices and the ridiculous-ness of this style, does this school reek of bullshido or am I just not committed enough to the shaolin magics? Thanks dudes.

10/16/2011 7:38pm,
I'd go for the free introductory class before you do anything. If they don't offer that, go observe a class. If they won't allow that, I'd run away. Do they want you under contract? How much do they want you to spend on their equipment before your first class?

My bjj gym offered me a chance to attend class and roll with them before I'd even decided to sign up. Or to just observe if that's what I wanted. Even before I'd purchased a gi. The only suggestion they made (after I decided to sign up) was to go get said gi. They didn't care from where, or what brand. I knew I had to have a gi though, cause I was interested in bjj more than no gi bjj. The assistant instructor simply said, regarding the gi, "you'll get what you pay for", and suggested a brand like Koral. Gi's range in price from 60-200 from what I've seen, but the $ wasn't going in his pocket.

And... just so you'll know. Using phrases like "'Shaolin majics" just may very well get you an earful from some of the folks here. Just sayin...

If it's allowed, go observe, and/or participate for a free intro, and then come back to noob town to report what you saw/did.

It is Fake
10/16/2011 8:02pm,

Grey is wrong.
And... just so you'll know. Using phrases like "'Shaolin majics" just may very well get you an earful from some of the folks here. Just sayin...No, there are no sacred cows for most kung fu people on this forum.
There are some websites and schools that scream don't waste your time. This is one of them. No real information, the "GrandMaster" is to young, and googling his name produces some LOL worthy hits.


10/16/2011 8:50pm,
Hmmm, wtf with the Kaneohe references?
My family built the first residence on this bay and i have kung fu roots.
Never heard of him or the style.

Omega Supreme
10/16/2011 9:29pm,
*sigh....Lohan schools.