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3/27/2004 12:36am,
what are some strategies on how to hit a chick at the gym and get her to the sack? One that has maybe been eyeing you.

Deadpan Scientist
3/27/2004 12:40am,
1) Get a shotgun and load it.
2) Place the barrel in your mouth
3) Pull trigger.

The chicks fall for it every time.

Sam Browning
3/27/2004 12:44am,
1) Take lots of roids.
2) Get a toupe
3) Burn yourself crisp in a tanning machine
4) Become a part time manager at the club
5) Perm your chest hair
6) Jump up and down and behave like Richard Simmons
7) Send us video of the result

3/27/2004 12:44am,
Make sure to wear tight pants.

While doing a standing weight lift, make sure to clench your buttocks together as tightly as possible.

While she's visually entrenched in your heaving mounds of man-ass have your best friend come up from behind and garrot her, Corleone-style.

Get your necrophiliac on. Since you've got such a good buddy, double team her.

Don't hoist up your pants, walk out of the gym with her bodily fluids still on your half-cocked penis. Make sure to saunter out, as though nothing has happened.

Pee on a homeless guy.

3/27/2004 1:36am,
Posting in an impending disaster!

3/27/2004 1:37am,
hit her with a dumbell and drag her back to the cave

3/27/2004 1:38am,
Just don't hit on women in YOUR gym and you'll do fine.

Originally posted by DRD
Flaming me is OK BOYD, but leave my wife alone.

Haha, preemptive strike.

3/27/2004 1:42am,
the pump is like having sex with a woman and cumming!!!!!!


3/27/2004 1:48am,
Hire Rick James to demand that she whup you some skull.