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3/26/2004 11:09pm,
The friday portion of the texas mcthrowdown was a success, consisting of me, muchlove, taebomaster and his friend.

The drama began when the ignorant yuppie manager of the fitness center mistakes tbm for a burgler. I esplain the situation and we both pay 5$ for what was supposed to be a free open mat.


Me/tbm1: I exhibit the world's worst punching ability, limping on my injured foot. I close to clinch and we struggle for underhooks and knee. I try for a takedown but tbm sprawls his (much more than mine, and mostly muscle) weight, locking a guillotine. I am forced to go to guard, where after several failed sweep attempts by me I eventually catch him in an armbar.

At this point I realize something is...off. Then I remember I got little sleep the previous night and have eaten nothing but beans and lentil soup that day. With my bad foot preventing me from basing with one of my feet, my already crappy skills are burdened down by my unimpressive musculature failing me repeatedly.

Me/tbm2: Like the first one, except I DO get a sweep after I fail two armbar attempts. He puts me in his guard and I finish with an ankle lock.

Me/tbm's friend: I am doing fine with leg kicks, TBM yells "Hey, you're the bjj guy, take him down." So I do. Somehow he ends up in my guard, where I attempt an armbar only to find his arm is one of those that bends backwards. I switch to a triangle, but can't get enough leverage or power from my skinny legs.

I fail several sweep attempts, take his back but he turtles, rolls back to my guard. He passes, holds side for a second, attempts an armbar, which I stack, I finish with an ankle lock again.

Then my instructor, phil, comes in and owns everything that moves.

Video and part two are forthcoming.

3/26/2004 11:30pm,
MMmmmmm.... Video.... :P

Sounds like you guys had fun.

3/27/2004 12:54am,
Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I had a really good time, and looking forward to tomorrow's. I think I did pretty well for someone with no grappling training. But, since I have no training, I have really no skill at transitioning from clinch to takedown, and I'm terrible at passing guard as well. Hedgehogey did really well, and to his credit, with a foot that he could hardly even walk on.

The fights went basically as I expected. I knew chances were that I would be outgrappled by Hedge, because he's a much better grappler than I was. I also knew my advantage was going to be my size and strength. I used that advantage to stay on top of him most of the time (even though a lot of that was spent in his guard). Since we began with some light Vale Tudo, we were required to wear headgear and mouthpieces, something that I was not used to when grappling... so I found it harder to breathe, and I winded quickly. But I suspect that's only part of it, and the bigger part of it is that Hedge was locking me up really well, so I was using up a lot of strength just to try for better position.

Hedge's instructor was also very cool. He showed me a couple of the obvious mistakes I was making, and how to improve those and transition into som subs. He did the same for my friend, and rolled with us about 3 times each. It was kinda like a mini-private lesson, which Hedge tells us can be quite costly. You could feel the skill in this guy as we were going at it, and knew that he was just toying with us, obviously. But he was cool about it, giving us chances to try to break for better position or get subs on him and stuff. I felt bad once though, cuz he was showing me how to lock a guillotine against someone who has already gotten you into a guilltoine, and thus getting the better leverage (this is while standing, BTW). And he was letting me put some pressure on it, and he tapped against my leg, but it felt like he was grabbing me for a takedown or something, so I put some more pressure, and then he's like "I tapped..".

All in all, a LOT of fun, everyone's really cool, and when I move this summer, I'm definitely getting into BJJ. More to come tomorrow!

3/27/2004 9:41am,
TBM, did you find it harder to connect with your punches while on the ground? That's one thing that surprised me, at first. People were better able to deflect my punches and tie me up (pull in close) than I expected. I can really see the advantage in being able to control an opponent's wrist / arm to open him up. Alas, no more Vale Tudo for me. :(

TBM, I know what you mean about being toyed with. I have seen my old instructor carry on conversations with people off the mat while rolling with some of the newer students. That, and rolling with his eyes closed. That probably gives him better sensativity, though. But, yeah. I think it's great when an instructor, or even another student who is very advanced, works WITH you, rather than tries to dominate you. I think the same goes for stand-up, too. I don't think I'd learn much from sparring with a pro boxer if he was intent on dominating me. Anyway, it sounds like you picked up some good pointers on the ground, so congrats!

BTW, I'm looking forward to Saturday's update.

Gracie Austin
3/27/2004 10:06am,
I apreciate the fact that you guys are honest about the training. I am glad you guys drove up and checked out my class. That was open mat, we usually just spar the whole time but it is my pleasure to show a couple moves, make you guys work some ect. I am glad you guys didn't mistake kindness for weakness, I have won many tournament matches in under a minute and rolled around with each of you for a couple minutes each. I wanted to see your natural movments & ideas for defending yourself. Some times people will try to distroy people that come in and train vale tudo the first day at their school. I don't enjoy doing that if you come in humble (as you did) I also think it was smarter to just grapple me than play with strikes, I think you would learn less with strikes because it would give me more chances. I think you would have to spend the whole time trying to find a way to keep my hnads & knees out of your face & you wouldn't get to focus on learning movement or submissions. When strikes & submissions are mixed together well it doesn't leave much time for your opponent to think or learn. Thanks again for coming in to train. Today the light weight world champ is gonna be doing a seminar the same time as class, I hope you guys take advantage of the seminar as well as regualr training, it's not too often you can try to choke a world champ.

3/27/2004 3:57pm,
Next part was only a partial success due to lack of ninjas and captshady. More details later.

4/09/2004 10:07pm,

Captshady and fistoffury showed for this one.

Round 1: Me Vs Fistoffury

We exchange blows. I close to clinch, am unable to wrap arms around fistoffury's large body. FFF delivers light rib blows, I counter with knees. FFF gets tired, takes break.

Round 2: Me Vs Captshady

We exchange blows on feet. Captshady deftly secures underhooks and blocks at least three of my shots. After some brief grappling, captshady pushes off, we exchange more blows, then I close. We wrestle in clinch, I take back and catch captshady with RNC. 5-10 minutes overall.

4/10/2004 12:53am,
All true, except reverse the names LOL ... I'm the one with the "large body" :D .

Hedge took it all like a man big time, and has a LOT of heart. There was a major weight differential between the two of us, but he DID school me on stamina. While we do live hard sparring in my school(s) they're typically 2 or 3 min. rounds, and you take a break. The guys at hedge's school went and went and went and ....

I got to "spar" with Gracie Austin, hedge's instructor, who's as humble as I've ever seen and as tough as they come. He was super, super cool. He basically brought his level of play down to give me competition instead of just whoopin' my ass. :) I have never been choked like that before, it was unreal how you could feel it's effectiveness so fast. He also showed us some of his fights that he has on tapes, that kicked butt.

I learned sooooo much in such a short time, it's unreal. I don't know the guy's name, but definitely gotta give a shout out the red haired bad ass that taught me a bunch about the theory of grappling. I owe you a sparring session sir, sorry I was so spent when you came over, and good luck on your upcoming fight!