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B man
3/26/2004 3:17pm,
how often do you guys drink in a week and is drinking once a week really bad for you when you trying do build up muscle and training to fight?

3/26/2004 3:21pm,
let's see here I drank on wednesday. i drank on thursday and i plan to drink tonight.
sometimes i'll have 2-3 pints before i go to class. it's probably not good for you.

Guerilla Fists
3/26/2004 3:24pm,
I don't drink.
I used to drink, then I quit. Then I started again. But I gave it up this past lent and intend to continue with it.

3/26/2004 3:42pm,
It depends what you drink...

3/26/2004 4:21pm,
On that note let me recommend drinking the pricy high octane vodka that comes in a pretty frosted bottle. Now before you say " Bliss, your nuts I don't have 40 dollars to blow on a litre of hooch" I say "do you want to pay for out of pocket? or out of stomache?" Its an honest question, and the answer will vary from time to time, however if your out on the town, you want to get nice but not ill or cantancerous then poor yourself the good stuff and you will be in fine shape both that night and the next morning....with clean arteries to boot. Ask Brand, he knows what time it is, Cmorra however is seriously slacking. As far as frequency... I try to spread it out as much as possible, and not go overboard unless I'm surrounded with single 18 to 20 year olds staring at me from the end of a dormitory hallway. (why you ask? because I'm not wearing any pants.)

3/26/2004 4:24pm,
gosh, all this talk about drinking really makes me want to go out and have a drink.

3/26/2004 4:58pm,
As long as your training consistantly you will see improvements since the toxins are being flushed while weight training and running, training in the studio. if you slack off your training and continue to drink (getting thirsty now) your will see a loss in every area of your training. as well as more prone to injury.

If your going to drink train hard to compensate for the intake.

3/26/2004 5:06pm,
Getting drunk once a week does nothing to you.

-> A lot of people (myself included) who say they only get drunk once a week really drink more than that, though... ;) or ;( ...

So it all ends up to whether you like drinking & how much do you like it...

But if you really just drink booze ONCE a week, it's nothing.

3/26/2004 5:22pm,
Tonight I go partying and I'll probably be back home drunk at 7 am. 5:30 pm I have the JJ class.
I'll try to get only a bit drunk as it wouldn't be nice applying the "vomit choke" on my opponent.

3/26/2004 5:27pm,
How much are you drinking? I mean are you going out and getting **** faced stupid drunk?

If so, can I come?

3/26/2004 5:28pm,
I hope not so much! You are welcome!

3/26/2004 5:34pm,
i drank last nite

3/26/2004 6:11pm,
I'm on the wagon.

3/26/2004 6:13pm,
Every situation is different. You will know if drinking is interfering with your training.

Personally, being drunk at practice sounds counterproductive.

3/26/2004 6:23pm,
Studies do show that a drink daily does have health benefits.

3/26/2004 6:29pm,
Originally posted by CanuckMA
Studies do show that a drink daily does have health benefits.

True, but it's easy to get carried away...

But then again I know I am an alcoholic ...

-> As pretty much always, there is NO right answer to this question...

When will politicians and priests learn the same... ;)